Summer Jobs with Hotels & Resorts

School's out and the temperatures are up - that means its summertime and time for travelers to hit the road and the air, and find the perfect hotel to enjoy. It's also the perfect time to find a job at a hotel, as hotels increase their staffing in preparation for more guests coming their way.

What Type of Summertime Jobs are Available?

In preparation of increased guests, hotels and resorts will often increase staffing levels with part-time opportunities. The type of summertime jobs that are available vary from hotel to hotel, but where the hotel is located and what amenities they have can be indicative of what type of opportunities are available.

For example, a hotel that is located on a beach will have positions related to beach and ocean like water sport activities manager or recreation guide. A hotel that features an outdoor swimming pool may have positions for pool attendants and lifeguards. A hotel that features a kid's club may have counselor and babysitting positions due to increased children visiting in the summer. Many of the summertime positions that become available are related to the food and beverage department in the form of hostesses, servers, busboys, food runners and bartenders.

Generally speaking, the types of seasonal hotel jobs are quite varied, and their availability is somewhat contingent on location.

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Summer Does Not Always Equal Busy Season

Although summer can often be a time when hotels increase staffing, it really is dependent on the destination of the hotel. For example, a ski resort's busy season will naturally be the winter season, so hiring opportunities will tend to be less during the summer months than during the winter. This will be the same case for hotels in tropical destinations like South Florida. More visitors tend to visit these locations during the winter months, when temperatures are cold elsewhere, and not at their stifling hottest in the destination.

Understanding this seasonality, and when a specific hotel increases, as opposed to decreases staff, is important for knowing when to apply for hotel positions at the most opportune time.

The Perks

Perhaps the greatest perk of taking a summer job at a hotel is that it is a fun and dynamic work environment. Instead of filing paperwork in an office, summer jobs lend themselves to being interactive and often outdoors, where one can enjoy the beautiful weather. If an employee does well in their position, chances are they will be rehired back for the next summer.

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