Work at a Luxury Spa

Whether a vacationer or a business traveler, the desire to relax and rejuvenate is a feeling shared by all guests and one that has been answered by the addition of the hotel spa. Twenty years ago, they were the rarity; now they are an amenity guests have learned to expect.

Types of Spas

Hotel and resort spas can vary quite a bit. Generally speaking, city hotel spas tend to be smaller due to having less auxiliary space for amenities such a spa and tend to be more basic in the treatments they offer. As city hotels tend to attract guests with a short length of stay, often in the form of a business traveler, a handful of treatment options typically correspond perfectly with what the guest is looking for. Of course, there are exceptions, and increasingly more and more, city hotel spas are rivaling some of the best spas out there.

As opposed to city hotel spas which are considered an amenity, the resort spa is a necessity and considered a vital part of the vacation experience. In a resort destination, it can be expected the majority of guests will indulge in at least one, if not many treatments during the course of their stay.Beachside Massage Therapist photo After all, nothing goes better with a long day at the beach than a massage in an open-air cabana.

Resort spas tend to be quite expansive and feature facility amenities like saunas and plunge pools that guests enjoy in conjunction with their treatments. They often feature treatments that utilize local ingredients and rituals, and create a unique experience and strong sense of place for the guest.

In both city and resort destinations, spas will often feature a salon component that offers hair styling, coloring, manicures and pedicures.

Employment Opportunities at the Spa

The number of employment opportunities at a hotel spa is often dictated by the size of the hotel and spa facility. A 50 room hotel may have just one or two treatment rooms and need a small handful of spa therapists, while a 2,000 room hotel may feature 50 or more treatment rooms and need many therapists with varied specializations. Larger spas will of course need more receptionists, attendants and supporting role positions for the operation to run smoothly.

Common entry level positions at a spa include receptionist, retail clerk and spa attendant. A friendly and calming personality will be traits that a hiring manage will look for when filling these positions.

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Positions that require education and licensing include massage therapists and estheticians. The more specialized education one has, the greater one increases their chances of employment. If a spa also features a salon, there will also be opportunities for hair stylists and nail technicians who also require education and training.

Overseeing the whole spa operation is the spa director whose responsibilities include hiring, implementing standard operating procedures, ensuring quality treatment control, maximizing sales in the retail shop and managing purchase orders. They will also be responsible for creating an annual budget and preparing monthly financial reports.

Although positions within the spa can often be quite work intensive, they are also quite rewarding in their ability to contribute so greatly to the guest's hotel experience.

Increasing Your Chances of Employment

  • Ability to portray a friendly, calm and soothing demeanor
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Previous experience in a service oriented position
  • Training and licensing in massage therapy or esthiology

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