Job Opportunities at Golf Resorts

Many resorts feature golf courses; however, some resorts take it to the next level and identify themselves as Golf Resorts. Although they will have the expected attributes of gorgeous surroundings, nice restaurants, comfortable accommodations, it is their tremendous greens that attract travelers. These destinations will often attract a guest that is less focused on the culture of the destination, and more concentrated on controlling his slice. These guests don't just squeeze in nine holes between other activities; they squeeze other activities around eighteen holes of golf every day.

Employment Opportunities: Not Only for the Golf Enthusiast

For the avid golfer, the only thing better than playing eighteen holes is to consider the golf course your office. Golf Resorts offer this option for those job seekers that can enhance the recreational experience for the resort's guests. Whether it's keeping the greens pristine, ensuring golfers keep pace, spotting a lost ball, scheduling tee times or serving a refreshing beverage after play, hotels that pride themselves on golf need a variety of staff that can assist in creating an enjoyable golf vacation.

Common golf-related positions that are needed include:Golf Resort photo

  • The Director of Golf
  • Starter
  • Ranger
  • Greens keeper
  • Equipment mechanic
  • and golf shop staff.

For the golf enthusiast, there may be no better job than being a certified golf pro which requires daily playing and teaching every day.

Although eighteen holes attracts the guest, it is often the nineteenth hole, the bar or restaurant that awaits golfers after a full day of play, that is the favorite hole and a reminder that not all jobs at a golf resort are golf-related. The food and beverage operation, along with all the supporting aspects of the resort require skilled staffing and are just as important to the overall guest experience.

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Destinations with Golf Resorts

Although golf is an international sport, the highest concentration of golf resorts is in North America, Caribbean, Mexico, Ireland, and Scotland. In most cases, they will be located in destinations that offer a nice climate and playing conditions.

Increasing Your Chances of Finding Employment

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Previous experience in a service oriented position
  • If entry-level, willingness to consider a variety of positions
  • Willingness to work nights and weekends
  • Familiarity with the culture of the sport
  • Specialized certifications (i.e., Certification in Turf management, Golf Pro Certification, etc.)

To find out more about the unique aspects of working at a golf resort, continue reading in our Member's Section.

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