Hotel Engineering & Maintenance Jobs

As even the smallest of homes needs constant repair and maintenance, one can only imagine the importance of the engineering and maintenance department of a hotel or resort property. When a hotel's building, equipment and grounds are properly taken care of, guests will be more likely to experience a positive stay at the hotel. Additionally, through efficient maintenance, the hotel's ability to increase revenue will be enhanced.

The Role of the Engineering & Maintenance Department

From the temperature of the lobby to the temperature of the shower water, the engineering and maintenance staff do a lot of work behind the scenes. But that work ensures a great experience for guests. When vacationers experience facility problems - such as cold water, heating and air conditioning issues, burned-out light bulbs, leaking faucets - guest satisfaction increases, and the chance of the hotel capturing a return guest decreases drastically.

For this reason, the department is always busy being preventive and maintaining facilities, as well as quickly resolving new building issues that arise. Meanwhile, the staff is trying to keep maintenance and repair costs down.

Naturally, older hotels will tend to be maintenance intensive, although every hotel regardless of its age will require constant care.

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The Department Structure

Hotels typically have a chief engineer that oversees the entire department. Responsibilities of this position includes hiring, training, cost control, relationship management with outside contractors and planning the hotelbs maintenance and repairs schedule. At a smaller hotel, the chief engineer may take a very hands-on role in the everyday maintenance efforts.

In addition to the chief engineer, the engineering and maintenance department will employ individuals with skills in specific areas. As each hotel is unique in their needs, the hotel will dictate exactly what is needed, but common skills that are sought after include:

  • Engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity
  • Carpentry
  • Water treatment for pools and spas
  • Landscaping
  • Ground Maintenance

Qualifications Needed for an Engineering Position

Unlike other hotel positions, hotel experience is not necessary in finding employment for engineering positions. Rather, hiring managers will look for a background in a specific trade that matches up to the hotel's needs. Some positions will require appropriate licensing. Beyond the specific skills, the ability to work efficiently and communicate with guests will be something hiring managers look for.

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