Maritime & Merchant Marine Jobs

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Introduction to Maritime and Merchant Marine Jobs

There are hundreds of different maritime jobs that one can find, and while working on board a ship may be your idea of a perfect working vacation, you must also realize that this type of work is tough. Cruise ship jobs may be the first thing you think of when we talk about maritime jobs, but there are lots of other jobs that you can find on a ship, such as:

  • Tour boat jobs
  • Ferry boat jobs
  • Luxury yacht jobs
  • Cargo container ship jobs
  • Oil tanker jobs

These are just some of the great paying and exciting jobs that you can get as a seafarer working all over the world. With each type of maritime or merchant marine job, there are different skill sets that you will need to learn and certain qualifications that you have to have in order to apply. The main thing you will need to know when you apply for a job aboard any vessel is the marine terminology and how things work on a ship. When you join CruiseJobFinder you will have unlimited access to the best maritime jobs available, and to the largest database of unique jobs at sea that you won't find anywhere else on the internet.

This industry offer excellent payment terms and benefits due to the amount of time you spend away from home. To find out which is the best maritime job option for you, and to find current job listings - become a member today!

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Maritime Jobs Overview

Tour Boat Jobs: Tour boats provide the perfect opportunity for work if you love people and enjoy showing others how to have a great time on a vacation. These tour boat jobs are usually in exotic locations on the coast, at certain islands, or any country with lots of marine life to display. Tour boat jobs can include snorkeling instructors and crew, scuba diving instructors and crew, shark cage diving instructors and crew, sport fishing, water skiing, historical tours and more. You can apply for a job if you have a specific skill like SCUBA diving that you can teach others, if you are a tour guide, deckhand, able seaman, engineer, cook, fisherman, or if you just love the tourist life aboard a small vessel. Getting tour boat jobs might sound difficult, but when you become a member, you will soon find out exactly what you need to do to get the best tour boat maritime jobs.

Ferry Boat Jobs: Working on a ferry is a job that can be rewarding and perfect if you don't want to travel far from home. Your hours will be moderately normal, working from morning and then leaving the boat to go home at night. There are lots of ferry boat jobs such as seaman, deckhand, storage, captain, engineer, oiler, and more, if you live in a region along the water.

Luxury Yacht Jobs: If you love the high life, then finding yourself a luxury yacht job may be just what you are looking for. Imagine going to work on board a stunning yacht that belongs to Richard Branson or your favorite movie star? These well paying jobs are just waiting for you to apply! Whether you are a captain, mate, deckhand, galley crew or gourmet chef, you can have the best life possible sailing the seas to exotic destinations and meeting amazing people.

Cruise Line Jobs: There are tons of cruise ship jobs available in our members section, so don't hesitate. No matter what kind of job you want aboard a cruise liner, you can find it here. If you work on the deck department, in the engine room, entertainment staff, restaurant staff, hotel staff, galley staff, or spa staff, or shop staff, you will definitely find a job at any of the major cruise line companies. This job is brilliant if you want to travel the world and explore other countries while you work at sea. You will get paid well, and be away from home for weeks or months at a time depending on the itinerary of the cruise liner. Some fantastic destinations that await include the Western Caribbean islands of Bora Bora, Tahiti, and Moorea; European countries of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Sicily, Malta, Greece, and France; and more.

The Types of Maritime Jobs

No matter what kind of vessel you work on, there are some regular maritime jobs that you can apply for once you are certified and have received a qualification from a maritime school or academy. These include the navigational jobs of captain or skipper, 1st, 2nd and 3rd mate, and able seaman. They are responsible for the safe keeping of everyone on board the vessel and need to have in depth knowledge of all marine terminology and the workings of a ship. The deckhands are also required to have certification and are mainly responsible for the repairs, cleaning and maintenance on the vessel. The oiler will be in charge of the keeping the engine and equipment lubricated and in good working order, while the engine department jobs of chief engineer, dde (designated duty engineer), assistant engineer and engineer all need specific qualifications for working on a vessel. Join as a member now to learn more about other maritime jobs and how you can work at sea.


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