Resorts are Hiring Part-Time Staff

The hotel industry offers many opportunities to work part-time positions. As a result, there are many stories of people that took a part-time job and ending up discovering a passion and embarking on career in the hospitality industry.

What Type of Part-Time Jobs are Available?

Every department within a hotel has the potential to have part-time opportunities available. Whether it is a front desk agent, bellman or housekeeper, hotels are always looking for additional staff to supplement their full time employees. The most common opportunities, however, will be in food and beverage. These positions include:

  • Hostesses
  • Servers
  • Busboys
  • Food runners
  • and Bartending positions.

These positions will become readily more available during a hotel's high season, and decrease significantly during a hotel's low season.

Pay and Compensation for a Part-Time Job

Part-time jobs are considered to be less than 30 hours per week. Pay will vary from hotel to hotel, but part-time positions will receive an hourly pay and not be entitled to health benefits. With that being said, part-time positions that receive additional gratuities like restaurant servers and bellman have the opportunity to be quite lucrative, and open up the door for advancement within the hotel if that is desired.

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The Benefits of Working Part-Time

One of the greatest benefits of part-time work is that it can be flexible in its scheduling. As opposed to a full-time position which has its set hours, part-time positions have the potential to be varied in their time and days of the week. As a result, part-time opportunities are perfect for students, or people with another part-time position.

Part-time positions are also a great way for job seekers to test the waters of the hospitality business without the full commitment. If it turns out a career in this industry does seem interesting, getting a foot through the door with a part-time position is a great way to begin advancing within the hotel.

Additionally, working at a hotel offers a fun and dynamic work environment with a diversity of colleagues, and of course, guests.

To find out more about part-time hotel positions, continue reading on in our Member's Section.

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