Work in Hotel, Resort, & Spa Management

One of the biggest indicators of a hotel's success is the strength of their management team. Each hotel department has managers who not only make important decisions regarding their respective departments, but also serve as leaders for their fellow hotel staff.

The General Manager

All hotels, regardless of their size, will have some sort of management structure. Large hotel properties typically have a very defined and complex structure, while smaller and mid-size hotels will tend to have a less complex, and sometimes more flexible structure.

Starting at the top, the General Manager is responsible for the overall operation of the hotel. They are involved in the decision making process for all departments, and must keep their pulse on guest issues, as well as employee issues.

In smaller hotels, the General Manager tends to be very visible to guests, often spending time with VIP clients, being visible in the lobby for meet and greets, and stopping by the dining outlets to say hello to dining guests. At larger hotels, the General Manager tends to be less visible to guests due to the sheer size of the hotel. In either case, the General Manager really sets the tone and helps create the personality of the hotel.

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The Executive Committee

Supporting the General Manager are departmental directors, or top managers, that comprise the Executive Committee. These directors include the directors of human resources, food and beverage, rooms division, sales and marketing, engineering and accounting. The committee, often referred to as "EC," meets weekly to discuss major hotel topics including guests satisfaction, employee satisfaction, occupancy forecasts, sales and marketing plans, and staff training, among other topics.

Supporting Management Positions

Supporting the General Manager and other top managers, will be hotel employees that comprise middle and supervisory management. These managers are very engaged with the day-to-day aspects of the hotel operation. For example, while the Director of Sales and Marketing creates marketing initiatives and promotions, and sets budgets and goals, it is the sales manager that is directly speaking with the client and making the sale. Likewise, while the Director of Food & Beverage oversees the entire food and beverage operation, should there be a guest complaint during a meal, it will often be the restaurant manager's role to speak to the guest and rectify the situation.

Management roles are considered to be the most sought after positions. Not only are they associated with good salaries, but there are also some additional perks that are extended to managers like expensed cell phone bills, drying cleaning and free parking among others. Also, hotel management positions allow managers to have more influence over the hotel operation.

Management Qualities

The personal qualities that are most important for a hotel manager to possess include the following:

  • Leadership
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong people skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Follow-through - the ability to get the job done
  • Ability to delegate effectively

To learn more about hotel management positions, continue reading on in our Member's Section.

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