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One of the most attractive features, and the one most credited with inspiring people to enter the hospitality industry, is that it allows people to work in interesting locations all over the world with interesting people from all over the world.

If a destination is inspiring and dream-worthy, there is a good chance at least one, if not many hotels have opened their doors there and seek good staff with varied skill sets to help operate the hotel.

Living and Working in Paradise

Whether seaside, slope slide or desert, resort destinations attract travelers that want something unique and exotic - simply put, paradise.B And, these travelers aren't just the guests that come to relax, but the employees who come to work and experience an adventure.

Can you imagine doing a quick ski run in between meetings? Or taking a catamaran sail with clients every few days?Dive Boat Worker photo Or perhaps you are the first mate steering the catamaran or the ski instructor giving the ski lessons. Maybe you are the front desk agent whose roommate hails from the other side of the world, and together, your journey to work feels more like a living postcard than a commute.

Working in paradise opens the doors of opportunity to embrace the environment around you at every turn. Whether the server in the restaurant, the bellman at the front door or the groundskeeper for the front lawn, even if your job responsibilities are quite ordinary, set against the backdrop of white sand and turquoise water, or whatever your vision of paradise is, your job can feel quite extraordinary.

Perhaps the best part of working in paradise though, is that when your shift is done, you are now free to live in paradise and enjoy the beauty that abounds.

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Cultural Fusion

As resorts are often located in remote destinations with limited human resources, it is common for the resort to seek talents, skills and education from outside. As a result, the work force of a resort is often an amalgamation of cultures, which in itself is another attractive feature for those seeking a job environment that is a bit out of the box.

Not only do you get to experience the culture that you live in, but you get to experience the cultures of your international colleagues. Expect to taste new foods, learn new traditions, try new activities, hear new music and as equally as you learn about new cultures, expect to share yours too.

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