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Travel attracts all types of people with one, shared commonality - they believe that travel is a wonderful thing.

With such a diverse world to explore, coupled with such a diversity of people that want to explore it, it is only natural that the travel and hospitality industries are dynamic industries that offer a little bit of something for everyone.

What's Your Pleasure?

Perhaps the universality of traveling is best exemplified by the many different types of hotels and resorts that exist in the world. Long gone are the days of the generic hotel. Today, hotels and resorts strive to be unique, and in their efforts to do so, continue to push the boundaries in the creation of the next big thing.

For almost every interest, taste, age and income level, there is a hotel that can satisfy a traveler's needs. Whether those needs consist of a pool, a pina colada and sunshine, or a jam-packed day of ranch work, there is a hotel waiting to make dreams come true.

For job seekers this means a broad spectrum of work environments that can be tailored to person interests and skills. The opportunities are seemingly endless.

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Types of Hotels & Resorts

What's your fancy? Hotels, resorts, and spas offer all kinds of experiences. That means that as a job seeker you can target properties that offer just the environment you want! In the CruiseJobFinder Member's Section you will learn what each type of resort offers and our job board includes:

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