Job Opportunities at Remote Resorts

In its pursuit of paradise, resorts often open their doors in very remote areas. So remote that populations are in the hundreds, not thousands and infrastructures like paved roads and telephone lines are minimal. Although these infrastructures are often slightly improved before the resort opens its doors, the primitivity of the destination is exactly what makes it so attractive to the travelers that visit and so interesting for the resort staff that lives there.

Finding Qualified Staff in Remote Areas of the World

Often these destinations can be so remote that there are not even enough natives to staff the hotel. Additionally, native workers that do become a part of the hotel operation are often not skilled in all the areas of expertise the resort needs to run its day to day operation. Naturally, this sets up a perfect opportunity for skilled job seekers from diverse backgrounds to join the resort's team.

Employment Opportunities in Remote Resort Destinations

Although resort guests seek a destination that is isolated, often they still expect the amenities of a city hotel. For that reason, often these resorts will still feature comfortable guestrooms, multiple restaurant options, a concierge, spa, pool and recreational options. All of these amenities create employment opportunities from professional to hourly.

In addition, these idyllic resorts are often popular spots for destination weddings, and therefore will have an event planner and supporting staff to plan the operational details of the wedding.

It should be noted that in remote locations, the sales and marketing team will typically be based in a satellite office near a major feeder market and travel to the resort multiple times a year.

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Working and Living in a Remote Corner of the World

When working and living in a remote destination expect a simple lifestyle and expect a strong, family-like camaraderie with co-workers. Unlike in a more developed areas that offers a multitude of housing options, in a remote destinations often employee housing is offered with employment, thus making your co-workers also your roommates and neighbors.

An additional perk of working in a remote destination is experiencing the culture of the destination and multi-cultured staff.

Increasing Your Chances of Finding Employment

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Previous experience in a service oriented position
  • If position is abroad, previous experience with foreign cultures (i.e. study abroad, volunteering abroad, etc.)
  • If destination is abroad or attracts foreign guests, proficiency in a second language or multiple languages
  • If entry-level, willingness to consider a variety of positions
  • Willingness to work nights and weekends
  • Possessing a unique talent or skill that coalesces with the destination. (i.e., surf instruction in Panama, bone fishing guide in the Bahamas, indigenous art curator in Mexico, etc.)

To find out more about the perks and challenges of living and working in a remote resort, continue reading on in the Member's Section.

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