The Coolest Places to Work

One of the most attractive aspects of the hospitality industry is that is opens up the doors of opportunity to work in some of the most desirable locales in the world. Pick any wonderful destination and chances are a hotel has opened its doors there and not only seeks interested travelers, but talented staff.

Let Your Passion Lead

For job seekers that are considering employment opportunities at hotels, resorts, and spas, one of the best pieces of advice is to let personal passions, interests, and talents lead the way. Often talents and passions, as enjoyable as they are on personal level, can be an asset when applying for professional positions.

You love foreign language? A hotel abroad may be the perfect place to continue improving your language skills. You love snowboarding? Perhaps, employment at a mountain resort is calling your name. You can't live without sea and sand? Put on your flip flops and consider working at a beach resort. Recognizing these passions, interests and talents, can be the first step in finding a hotel position in a destination that ranks high on your cool barometer.

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Cool Destinations around the World

For location specific information and tips for finding hotel work in some of the world's coolest destinations, check out:

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