Resort Jobs in the Caribbean

Encompassing 55 islands, the Caribbean is a region of the world that is synonymous with vacation. People from all over the world come to the Caribbean for its fantastic beaches, clear waters, and diversity of culture found in the region's many countries. For job seekers looking to work at a resort in the Caribbean, the opportunities are plentiful.

Fun in the Sun: Caribbean Resorts

Given the beautiful beaches, and generally nice weather, the Caribbean is home to many hotels and resorts ranging from small bed and breakfasts to five star luxury properties. Since the vast majority of visitors that come to the Caribbean are looking for a beach vacation, the beach and ocean will be a big part of the hotel's operation. Often hotels will feature beachfront restaurants, beach and water sport activities and ocean side spa services, to name a few.Virgin Islands Fun photo Naturally, many of the job opportunities available will revolve around these beach-orientated operations.

One Region, Many Countries

As the Caribbean is a culturally diverse region of the world, it is recommended that a good study is done before one begins their job search. Although most islands are English-speaking, there are some islands where Spanish, French, Dutch or Creole is the main language. Beyond language, the islands differ quite a bit in their ethnic groups, cuisine and music to just name a few areas.

Additionally, certain islands tend to attract visitors from certain countries more than others. For example, while the British love Barbados, and the French love Martinique, Americans are known to love the Bahamas. Understanding what type of culture you'd like to experience, can best point you in the right direction for your job search.

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Working Abroad

Although the Caribbean is often referred to in its entirety, broken down, the Caribbean is home to over twenty counties with their own unique governments. As governments vary from country to country, rules and regulations about foreigners working will also vary. Some countries will be significantly easier to find work in than others.

In many cases, work permits are offered on a temporary basis or annual basis, with the opportunity for it to be renewed. For skilled positions, often the hotel will assist an employee with obtaining the proper documentation, while for hourly and seasonal positions; the oneness will be more on the individual to obtain the proper documentation.

For Americans that seek employment in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands of St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas are good options as they are considered organized, unincorporated United States territories. If you are an American citizen, you do not need any new documents in terms of work visas or papers and can freely travel and work on these islands.

To find more about living and working on the islands of the Caribbean, continue reading on in our Member's Section.

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