Hotel Salaries, Benefit Programs, & Perks

Hotel Staff Salaries

You can make a great living in the hotel industry! No matter where the hotel job, the potential for career advancement and the potential to earn a six-figure salary are possible within the industry.

There are many stories of a hotel General Manager starting out as a housekeeper, restaurant server, or front desk agent. A strong work ethic and a commitment to service go a long way in ensuring career advancement. Do you have the drive to make it happen?

The average salary for a Hotel General Manager in the U.S. is about $150,000. Being the top hotel position, other executive positions will be of a similar pay scale. Other high paying positions include positions at a corporate office that may overlook a number of hotels. These positions may be related to departments including hotel acquisition and development, finance, public relations, marketing and human resources.

Hourly staff always earn competitive wages and some positions include excellent tips plus the possibility of overtime during busy periods.


Working full-time - or sometimes even part-time - at a hotel or resort could mean great benefits. Although benefit programs vary from company to company, full-time employees can expect health benefits and often a 401k. Additionally, there are often additional benefits that are attractive to employees. These may include discounted dining at the hotel's restaurant, complimentary or discounted stays at other hotels within the company's portfolio and discounts to use the hotel's facilities like the fitness center, spa, tennis courts, and golf.

Additional Perks

In addition to fair pay, great opportunities for career advancement, and a dynamic work environment, the hotel industry offers a lot of extra perks.

How about catered lunches every day? Yes, it may be leftovers from the banquet function the hotel just hosted, but that doesn't mean it's any less delicious. How about getting a free massage in the middle of the work day? You may just have to volunteer as the massage therapist tries out a unique technique she just learned. Or how about attending a glitzy black tie event? Sure, you may be the server working the event, but that doesn't make it any less impressive to hob knob with the rich and famous.

Some resort locations around the world are fairly remote, which means staff can get discounted or even free lodging. And the more remotely located you are the easier it is to save money!

The additional perks that make the hotel industry fun and exciting are numerous and present themselves in some way almost every day.

To learn more about what kind of compensation you can expect working at a hotel, continue reading on in our Member's Section.

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