Find a Cool Job in Mallorca or Ibiza

Like fraternal twins, the Balearic Islands of Mallorca and Ibiza are similar, yet so very different. Speckled with rocky cliffs and open beaches, surrounded by bluish green seas, and the host of wonderful sunsets, both islands are natural tourist magnets. But did a little deeper, and it is easy to see the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza have two distinct personalities.

Ibiza vs. Mallorca

If the islands were people, Ibiza would be the party animal, while Mallorca would the civilized one. Due to their distinct personalities, the islands attract two different types of visitors, and this is reflected in the types of hotels and resorts that are found on each.

As the birthplace of the rave, it is no wonder that partying, and partying hard, is the number one reason people visit Ibiza.Work in Ibiza photo Originally discovered by the hip and fashionable, today Ibiza is well-known across the masses and considered the party capital of the world. Hotels in Ibiza cater to this club-loving, party-going crowd. Many are located right next to discoteques, or even feature their own clubs.

Comparatively speaking, Mallorca is much sleepier than Ibiza, but by typical island standards, it is not sleepy at all. Sure Mallorca offers its share of clubs, but tourists that visit this island are looking for relaxation, sunshine, good food and culture, more than anything else. Naturally, the hotels in Mallorca will cater to these more mellow guests.

Finding Work on the Islands

Due to the millions of tourists that visit both these islands every year, there are plenty of hospitality related jobs available on the islands. Bar and food servers, club promoters, front desk receptionists, and housekeepers are just some of the jobs that will be available. These jobs will be exponentially more plentiful at the beginning of high season, which on the islands runs May - September, than at other times of the year.

As Mallorca and Ibiza are not only hot vacation destinations, but hot destinations for people looking to mix work and adventure, there is competition for employment, but anyone with a strong work ethic and some persistence should be able to find employment.

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The islands appreciate the diversity of tourists that visit each year, and this is also reflected in the diversity of people that are hired to be a part of the island's hospitality operation. Job seekers with multi-lingual skills will have an advantage over those that do not. Particularly, Spanish, German and English will be appealing as tourists from Spain's mainland, Germany and the United Kingdom are the majority of visitors.

Citizens of the European Union will have an easier time finding work due to the reciprocity between European Union nations. For citizens of non-EU countries finding work may be a bit more difficult. For example, Americans need first a visa and then to apply for a work permit. Spanish authorities will only issue a work permit if there are no qualified EU citizens to fill positions.

To learn more about the ins and outs of finding employment on the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza, continue reading on in our Member's Section.

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