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Although there are many paths that can lead to a career in hospitality, studying hospitality is one of the best ways to gain entrance into the industry. Increasingly, more colleges and universities are offering online degrees in hospitality management that offer education and convenience all in one.

Matching Your Aspirations to Your Education

Understanding what you want to do and where you want to go in the hotel industry is an important in determining whether an online degree is for you. Given the nature of online learning, not every aspect of the hotel business can be taught online. For example, for someone that knows their goal is to become an Executive Chef, pursuing an online degree would not make nearly as much sense as pursuing a culinary degree where learning is much more experiential.Online Degree graphic

Degrees in Hospitality Management and Tourism Management will be the most commonly found full online degree programs as the courses that are required typically lend themselves nicely to online learning. These degrees will commonly include courses that focus on business, hospitality, tourism, and the humanities. It must be noted though, that usually not all classes can be offered online, so there may be a physical campus where some classes need to be taken or the online program may allow credits to be transferred from other colleges that offer similar courses.

Online Certificate Programs

Perhaps the best way to take advantage of online learning is in the form of certificate programs. These programs are excellent as they can enhance what education and experience an individual already has, and help develop a specialty as they are often specific in nature. Online certificate programs range in anything from hotel revenue management, to asset management, to hospitality management and more.

Since certificate programs are not full degrees programs, they can't replace a bachelor's degree, but are a great way to garner additional education and enhance one's resume.

Benefits of Online Learning

  • You can learn from the comfort of your home
  • You can take classes around your work schedule
  • Classes tend to be less expensive than traditional institutions
  • You can learn at your own pace

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