Club Med Offers Fun Jobs in the Sun

They could be the ULTIMATE resort employer...Club Med, is a French company which has resorts in many hotspot destinations throughout the world. It is considered to be the original all-inclusive resort, and naturally, paved the way for today's all-inclusives.

The History of Club Med

Club Med first opened its doors on the Spanish island of Mallorca in 1950. The club, referred to more commonly as the village, was a simple operation of unlit beach huts with communal facilities. The first few clubs followed this model, until expansion began a few years later outside of the Mediterranean with the addition of a property in Tahiti and soon after, winter villages that offered skiing. Eventually expansion into what is referred to as the "American Zone" began and villages in Caribbean and Florida were opened.

Although Club Med originally attracted couples and single, the villages are now divided into three different categories. These categories include family resorts that offer a plethora of activities for children and teens, resorts for adults only which focus on relaxation and entertainment, and resorts for all guests which welcome all ages, although they don't offer specific activities for children or teens.

Today Club Med operates more than 80 villages in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America, South American and Pacific Oceania.

Life in the Village

Staff of Club Med are referred to as "GOs" or Gentils Organisateurs, or (Gracious/Nice Organizers).

Simply put, they are as vital to the Club Med experience as the sun, the pool and the activities. Leading the "GOs" is the chef de village, who is the resort manager.

What makes Club Med so unique from other resorts is that the "GOs" and the guests, referred to as Gentils Membres, or (Gracious Guests/Members) interact in ways beyond the typical resort service. "GOs" are skilled positions that in addition to expected job duties, take part in guest arrivals and departures, resort activities, and regularly participate in the entertainment shows that are put on daily.

Their role is to be very interactive with the guests, and encourage guests to enjoy all faucets of the village.

In addition, to "GOs," there are also "GEs" or Gentils Employes, or (Gracious/Nice Employees). "GEs" most commonly come from the country where the village is located, and common positions include:

  • Kitchen staff
  • Housekeepers
  • Gardeners
  • and Servers.

Employment Opportunities with Club Med

Club Med company values include multicultural spirit, freedom, kindness and responsibility. Naturally, hiring managers will look for these values in prospective village employees, as well as a service oriented personality. Of course, education and experience will vary from position to position.

Find a great job at Club Med!

"GOs" positions are often moved between villages , and operate on seasonal fixed-term contracts for a period of six months with some options for shorter contracts. With so many locations around the world, employment with Club Med opens the doors of opportunity to work in many places throughout the world. Many of these positions relate to entertainment, activities and excursions. These roles are supported by "GEs," who tend to be locally-recruited staff.

A great perk of working at a Club Med village is that the company offers meals, accommodations, and insurance for our "GOs" and "GEs." As a result, a strong camaraderie is built between all Club Med employees.

To find out more about working at Club Med, and what you can do to increase your chances of employment within the company, continue reading on in our Member's Section.


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