Commonly Asked Questions About Resort Employment

Why should I work at a beach resort or other resort?

Does the idea of getting paid to serve drinks in Barbados, work as a lifeguard in Tahiti, or patrol a surf-swept beach in Maui appeal to you? The attractions of collecting a paycheck in exchange for taking part in activities you enjoy is obvious. Other benefits of beach resort jobs include meeting people from facinating places, gaining new skills, building confidence in customer interaction, and developing a greater appreciating for exotic tropical places.

Can I just work at a beach resort for a season, or do I need to commit for the whole year?

Yes, beach resort companies from Maui to Greece hire thousands of "seasonals" every year. The resorts need to staff up for their peak season and often do so with season employees.

There are also thousands of jobs for people who want to work longer - anywhere from six months to several years.

What type of people work at a beach resort?

No matter what your background, there's probably a job waiting for you at one of the many beach resorts around the world. That means that people with different skills, employment requirements, and interests work at destination beach resorts. Typically, though, resort workers fall into three categories:

  • Students
  • Those in transition
  • Skilled career employees

What jobs are available working at a beach resort or other resort?

Beach resorts offer also offer a wide variety of employment opportunities. At these beach resorts there are the standard positions that are at any nice hotel such as: front desk, bell staff, guest services, concierges, doormen, housekeepers, accountants, food staff, bartenders, retail clerks, youth coordinators, child care staff, security personnel, and PBX operators. In addition, depending on the resort, they may also hire: musicians and entertainers, sport instructors (tennis, surfing, water skiing, golf, weight training, etc), beach staff, casino staff, massage therapists, beauty salon staff, and hosts, to name a few.

How much can I earn working a resort job?

Earnings and benefits vary according to your position, the company you work for, and your previous experience. Most people who work in this industry decide to work here based on the settings and recreation opportunities, not for the outstanding pay. Although these jobs pay enough to cover your expenses and transportation, you should not expect to get rich based on your base pay. People who work in jobs in which they receive gratuities from the guests can make substantially more than other workers. It is not uncommon for a waiter in a nice restaurant to make $200 - $300 per night in tips.

Will I be supplied room and board at the resort?

This really varies by resort and company. Some resorts make it standard practice to offer room and board to their employees and others leave it up to the employees to find their own housing. CruiseJobFinder helps you match yourself to the employer and resort that best matches your needs and desires.

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