Work for a Casino Resort

Often the size of a small town, casino resorts are a destination in themselves. Between the shopping, the dining, the entertainment and of course, the gambling, casino resorts attract a diversity of visitors, each with their own idea of what makes for the perfect vacation.

What is a Casino Resort?

Not every resort that has a casino is a casino resort. Small resorts properties may have a casino with basic gaming that is considered more an amenity than the central focus of the operation. Casino resorts tend to be large scale operations featuring massive gambling facilities that are supplemented by amenities of equal proportion. Unlike all other types of hotel and resorts, casino resorts have a unique business model.

Whereas most hotels achieve profitability through the selling of guestrooms, in the casino resort, profitability is achieved through the business of the casino.Casino Dealer Employee photo The guest room is more of a supporting feature that helps bring volume to the casino, and whose profitability is often forfeited in doing so.

The number of guest rooms is typically in the low thousands and range from basic guest rooms to extravagant penthouse suites that accommodate world-class gamblers, along with celebrities and the very wealthy.

To accommodate all kinds of guests, these properties will be quite diversified in their amenities. One property may feature 25 restaurants ranging from inexpensive, fast food outlets to world class, signature restaurants. The same property may feature shopping that ranges from stores that you'd find in your local mall to high-end designer boutiques. Additionally, many feature entertainment venues with headliners that appeal to a broad audience.

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Employment Opportunities at a Casino Resort

Casinos resort are known for being some of the largest employers within the hospitality industry; some of the largest tipping the scale at over 16,000 plus employees. With numbers this large, there is truly an opportunity for everyone.

All the positions you'd expect to find at a small resort will be available, but at a much larger scale. Instead of six front desk agents, try a team of 60. Instead of ten spa attendants, try a team of 100.B B

Food and beverage in particular is an area where there are lots of opportunities. As many casinos feature up to 25 restaurants plus meeting and convention facilities, the opportunities for both entry level workers and trained professionals is quite expansive.

Of course, there are lots of opportunities related to gaming including casino dealers, casino slot attendants and table game operators. These positions are highly competitive and often require licensing, math skills, and a strong sense of customer service. As some games will go on for hours, the ability to keep a rapport with players is key. Additionally, there are other positions related to the successful running of the operation including surveillance officers, gaming supervisors, gaming managers, cage cashiers, and slot technicians.

Where are Casino Resorts?

Although casinos can be found in 29 states throughout the United States, casino resorts will mostly be found in Las Vegas, Connecticut, and Atlantic City. Las Vegas in particular has a very concentration of properties that together create a landscape of entertainment. Hiring is taking place throughout the world, Asia is booming with mega-casino projects with Macua, China leading the way with massive projects.

To find out more about the different opportunities that can be found working at a casino resort, continue reading on in our Member's Section.

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