Hotel & Resort Jobs Abroad

One of the most attractive aspects of the hospitality business is that it opens the doors to working abroad. Pick any interesting spot in the world, and there is probably a hotel waiting to greet travelers.

Whether you desire the deserts of Africa, the beaches of the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, or the jungles of Asia, when it comes to working abroad at a hotel resort, the world is your oyster.

Visa Information

Although the opportunities to work abroad are immense, it takes careful research on the part of the job seeker to make it happen. Unlike working in one's native country, there will naturally be some obstacles that require some persistence and patience when applying for positions abroad.

Every country has its own rules and regulations pertaining to non-citizen workers. These rules and regulations are often in place to protect native workers, and ensure the jobs they are interested in, are not given to workers from the outside. With that being said, most countries extend temporary work visas for both skilled and non-skilled labor that allow foreign workers to work for a set amount of time; typically, for a few months and up to a year.

Often a hotel can help interested job seekers obtain these, particularly during high season when the hotel needs to increase staffing levels.

Generally speaking, the more jobs available in a country, the more lenient the government will be about providing visas to foreign workers.

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Opportunities for Skilled Workers

Hospitality professionals with unique skills will have an easier time finding work abroad. Hotels will often have a number of visas set aside for these skilled positions, often on the executive level, and will do the leg-work on behalf of the professional, in order to secure their talents.

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