Hospitality Industry Jobs

The world of travel and tourism appeals to many people, and if you are a college student or recently graduated, you may want to travel. Or at least live for a while in an unbeatable location. If sun and fun and adventure are what you're after then sign up with CruiseJobFinder to explore hospitality jobs in exotic destinations across the world, at hotels and spas, beach resorts, and on cruise liners. Maybe you'll find a way to have a working vacation - traveling and making money at the same time!

There are far more jobs in the hospitality industry than you might realize, and we have them all here in our database to access when you join. Here are some of the hospitality jobs that you might consider:

  • Bartender
  • Waiter
  • Spa Worker
  • Concierge
  • Reception
  • Hair Salon Worker
  • Housekeeping
  • Chef
  • Entertainment (dancers, singers, actors)
  • Instructors (if you have a skill for teaching windsurfing, tennis, golf, fishing, scuba diving, and more)

Hospitality Job Description Overview

With so many jobs to look forward to in the hospitality industry on shore and at sea, you have plenty of opportunities to settle into a job that you really love, whether you have experience, want to gain experience, are looking for a part time holiday job, or chance to make a new career start.Hotel concierge photo Working in the hospitality industry on board a cruise liner or on land at a hotel, lodge or resort is basically the same.

The essential job description of a massage therapist, chef, waiter, house keeper or reception will remain the same, but when you are on board a cruise ship you will have to understand more about the sea and some marine terminology. You will also have to work away from home for a lengthy period of time, and will have living quarters on board the vessel. At the same time you will also be able to enjoy many of the hotel, restaurant, shop, recreation, and spa facilities on board on your days off, as well as receive some land time when you port at the exotic destinations that are on the cruise ship's itinerary.

There are many entry-level hospitality jobs for which you can apply and then receive training, for example, waiters, barmen, housekeeping, kitchen staff and assistants. Certain positions that need to be filled will require some sort of qualification and/or experience in the relevant field that you are applying for, for example, chefs, concierge, masseuse, hair dresser, gift shop clerk, entertainment, instructors and more.

The Benefits of Traveling while you Earn

One of the best things about working in the hospitality industry is that you can travel to many different locations all around the world and work at some of the most renowned hotels, cruise liners, resorts, lodges, like at the Grand Lido Braco Resort and Spa in Jamaica, Vedema Resort in Greece, Club Med in Bermuda, or the Hilton Kauai Beach Resort in Hawaii. By joining today, you will get access to our database of other hotels, resort and lodges where you can find hospitality jobs.

Aside from the traveling benefits of working in the hospitality industry, you will also have the chance to meet lots of interesting people and learn about many different cultures. Your search for a part-time job and vacation might be the beginning of a new career, or you might discover something new about yourself while working overseas. The world is at your feet, and with a hospitality background, you will have an easy time getting one of the many jobs that you will come across as a member of CruiseJobFinder.

Another plus in terms of working at some hotels, spas, and resorts, those located in more remote exotic destinations, is that some of your living expenses may be covered by the employer. You will therefore save a lot more of the money you earn and you will also get a chance to explore some of the city where you are working with some of your wages on the days you have off. You will mostly work in shifts and will get one or two days off, so while you will be working very hard and sometimes long hours, you will also get some time to yourself, but not as much as you would probably like. Depending on what kind of hospitality position you have, you will also spend most of your time in the kitchen, in the restaurant, in the spa, working behind the bar, or wherever you are stationed.

Is a Career in the Hospitality Industry for you?

With the exciting and interesting jobs that you can choose from and the many top quality companies that you can choose to work for, how do you know if you will be good or enjoy working in the hospitality industry? Well, the main quality that you will need for just about all of the jobs in this sector is good people skills. Whether you are a waiter, hotel staff, instructor, chef, massage therapist or front of house, you will be dealing with people all the time. If you speak another language this will be helpful depending on where you want to work, and other qualifications and skills might be required for certain positions. Most of all, you will need to have a passion for people, and the tourism industry. Get more great tips and find open job opportunities when you join!


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