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From a guest perspective, the job of a front desk agent is to check them in and out, and answer their questions in the meantime. In reality, their responsibilities reach far beyond these tasks and make the front desk much like the hotel's central intelligence headquarters.

The Duties of a Front Desk Agent

Front desk agents are an essential component of helping a hotel meet guest service and profitability goals. Front desk agents are the friendly face that greets the guest and answers their questions, meanwhile monitoring room availability, supervising check-in and check-outs, assigning rooms and keys. They keep a steady watch over which rooms have been cleaned and inspected, and which rooms are still occupied.

Additionally, front desk agents are considered an extension of the sales department.Front Desk Worker photo If there is an opportunity to up sell a guest to a higher room category than they originally booked, the last chance to do so will be at check-in.

Front desk agents also have the major responsibility of performing the accounting tasks related to a guest's stay. Upon check out, a front desk agent will produce a bill for the guest that includes their room and any other incidentals like restaurant meals, telephone calls, dry cleaning, spa treatments and any other hotel services. Although often straightforward, this can sometimes be a tedious and complicated task.

Lastly, front desk agents will get questions about everything and anything, and need to have a pulse on all the happenings of the hotel in order to give guests accurate information and point them in the right direction.

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Becoming a Front Desk Agent

Although an education in hospitality management and past experience gives a job applicant an added advantage, becoming a front desk agent does not always require education or previous experience. It is an entry-level position that gives full exposure to the hotel, and sets up individuals that are looking to grow in other areas of the hotel nice positioning to do so.

Increasing Your Chances of Finding Employment

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Previous experience in a service oriented position
  • A warm, affable personality
  • A strong business acumen
  • Willingness to work a variety of shifts
  • If hotel attracts foreign guests, proficiency in a second language or multiple languages

To learn more about becoming a front desk agent, continue reading on in our Member's Section.

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