Work at an Adventure Resort

The word vacation used to be synonymous with relaxation and poolside pina coladas. That was yesterday, though. Today vacations are as diverse as the people that embark on them. More and more, adventure vacations, and resorts that help facilitate these adventures, are fitting the bill as the perfect getaway.

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The Birth of the Adventure Vacation

It has only been in the last few decades, that the traveling has become an activity not only for the elite, but for the masses. As more and more people began to travel, the demand for more hotels was born, as was the demand for hotels in more interesting places.Extreme Sports photo With a growing demand for experiences and places outside the box, the adventure vacation was born.

No one can deny the delight of a relaxing vacation, but even they can get exhausting when experienced again and again. Today, vacation is not so much associated with relaxation and escape, but with experience.

The Adventure Awaits

Pick any interesting destination in the world, and there will probably be a hotel or resort, if not many that are there to help their guests fully experience what makes the destination so interesting. Whether it's white water rafting, mountain trekking, scuba diving, or any other adrenaline-inducing activity, these resorts make embarking on adventure as easy as grabbing a morning coffee.

Adventure resorts come in two varieties. Some are resorts much like many others, but their destination has a standout adventure and the resort makes it easy for their guests to enjoy this activity. For example, if a resort is near a ski mountain mountain, this resort may offer a ski concierge, ski packages, have equipment on property and have people on staff that can give ski instruction.

The other type of variety is a resort that works in conjunction with a specific adventure tour. For example, a group that is on a trekking tour may spend one of their nights at a certain resort. This is something that is pre-arranged through the tour, and happens on regular schedule. These resorts tend to be intimate in nature, and serve more as a respite on the adventure, as opposed to the place that launches the adventure.

Employment Opportunities at an Adventure Resort

Job opportunities at an adventure resort mimic those of any other type of hotel or resort. There will be operational and hourly positions, often dictated by the seasonality of the destination. Additionally, there will opportunities that are specific to the adventure that the resort attracts. Ski instructors, scuba instructors and hiking guides are just some of the many specialty skills that may be needed.

Increasing Your Chances of Employment

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Previous experience in a service oriented position
  • If position is international, previous experience with foreign cultures (i.e., study abroad, volunteering abroad, etc.)
  • If destination is abroad or attracts foreign guests, proficiency in a second language or multiple languages
  • Possessing a unique talent or adventure-oriented skill that coalesces with destination (i.e. white water rafting guide in Costa Rica, bungee jump guide in New Zealand, etc.)

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