Hotel & Resort Bellstaff Jobs

As the first people to have an interaction with an arriving guest, hotel bell staff are true ambassadors for the hotel and greatly influence the guest's first impression.

The Duties of the Bell Staff

Bell staff typically consists of bellhops, doormen and valet parking attendants, all of which are supervised by a bell captain. In a large hotel, these positions will be strictly defined, while in a smaller hotel, the bell staff may assist in any combination of these welcome and farewell activities.

Bell captains are a position of great importance. Not only do they orchestrate the smooth arrivals and departures of guests including airport meet and greets, they are also responsible for the hiring, training and scheduling of their staff.

Not as much dictated by the sound of a bell these days, but rather the ability to anticipate guest needs, bellhops, or bellmen escort guests to the rooms and assist with their luggage.Resort Bell Staff photo Bellmen tend to be outgoing, pleasant and well-versed in answering questions about the hotel and destination.

Equally as important as the swift opening of the door, are the personalities of the hotel doormen. With a friendly spirit, not only do they welcome guests, but they also tend to serve as a trusted resource for guests.

In a destination where guests tend to drive, valet parking attendants are vital in ensuring a smooth arrival and departure for guests arriving. The ability to keep organized and handle the requests of many guests at once is important, not to mention, the ability to drive and park.

Together these roles work together to create a superb first and last impression for hotel guests.

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The Coveted Position

Whether valet attendant, doormen or bellman, positions within the bell staff historically tend to be among the most coveted positions in the hotel. The authority to set the tone for a guest's stay coupled with the great opportunity for tips make bell staff positions highly desirable and highly competitive.

Depending on the hotel, past experience is not always required, and experience within these positions can lead to other guest service opportunities.

Increasing Your Chances of Finding Employment

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Previous experience in a service oriented position
  • A warm, affable personality
  • A well-rounded understanding of the destination
  • Willingness to work nights and weekends
  • If hotel attracts foreign guests, proficiency in a second language or multiple languages
  • A perfect driving record
  • The ability to lift heavy luggage and other items


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