Executive Chefs

The Executive Chef is the one person that is responsible for everything related to the quality of food on a cruise ship. They manage all of the various cook staff and ensure that the staff, the work stations, and the food all measure up to the cruise company’s expectations and standards.

In Focus: Holland America is First Rate

The Executive Chef is given checklists by the cruise company, and all of the aspects of food preparation have to be carefully met. They ensure that all of the food is stored under the correct temperatures, and that food costs remain on budget. They also must:

  • Train and demonstrate proper food preparation techniques.
  • Cleaning techniques of all equipment.
  • Hold regular brief meetings with cook staff.
  • Taste test all food.
  • Eat in the various dining rooms at least once per cruise.

The requirements for an Executive Chef position start with having an extensive background in cuisine, which includes an apprenticeship as a cook in a restaurant or hotel – for at least 10 years. They must also be very familiar with all international cooking, be familiar with the appropriate regulations, and be familiar with computer software. Must have excellent English – speaking and writing, and must also be able to communicate in French, Italian, and possibly other languages.

Compensation: $3,000 – $4,000 a month

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