How to Use CruiseJobFinder

Website check list imageThis website represents years of research, extracted from extensive interviews, diligent fact checking procedures, and active monitoring of travel news resources. With the industry background, insider tips, and job listings provided here, we’re confident you’ll be equipped to beat the competition and find yourself working the job of your dreams. To help make this process clear and simple, we’ve divided this website into six main sections, reflecting the industries that do the most travel-related hiring: cruise lines, yachts, tour companies, and beach resorts. Each section contains the following:

Industry information.

  • This includes the size of the industry, major employment centers, growth outlook, and recent trends.

Detailed job descriptions.

  • These include necessary qualifications, typical duties, pay ranges, and benefits information.

Advice from actual workers.

  • Cruise industry insiders describe the benefits and drawbacks of their jobs, from coping with nonstop travel to avoiding burnout and working with people from a variety of international cultures. You’ll find these worker profiles throughout the CruiseJobFinder website.

Employer listings.

  • The company profiles and Featured Jobs are located in our Job Center. The JobCenter is a primary section of the site that enables members to access important up-to-date job information as well as post a personal profile.

Watch the CruiseJobFinder Website Overview Tutorial (OUR VIDEOS ARE BEING UPDATED!) to learn how to navigate the website and to take full advantage of your membership.

How To Use The JobCenter:

  • Click the link labeled ‘JobCenter– located at the top of every page.
  • From the JobCenter homepage you can search jobs and employers, log in to your personal profile, and more.

Searching Company Profiles:

  • If you choose to search Company Profiles several different search options are available:
    • Option One: Allows you to search by company name using keywords, i.e., Royal Caribbean or Princess.
    • Option Two: Allows you to search alphabetically. Choose a letter from the menu to see all the companies listed under A, B, C, etc.
    • Option Three: Allows you to search employers by Industry Sector.
    • Option Four: Allows you to search companies by location, i.e., city, state/province, country.
  • Click on a company from the results page to view the employer’s profile which includes: contact information, website links, jobs currently available, instructions on how to apply, and other pertinent information.
  • Create a list of all the companies that really interest you and remember to check their job offerings regularly.

Searching Jobs:

  • If you choose to search Featured Jobs you may choose to search by Industry Sector, Job Category, Location, and more.
  • Click on a job from the results page to view the position title, contact info, job description, and qualifications. There is an Apply button too!
  • You can Save Searches and Create Job Alerts based on your searches using links available on the search results page. Job Alerts allow you to receive new job listings – based on your preferred criteria – via email.
  • If you do not find a position you are interested in check back often as featured jobs are added to the JobCenter every single day.

Searching More Cruise Jobs (from all over the Internet):

  • After you have searched the Featured Jobs, click on the Search More Cruise Jobs. This is a customized tool that pulls cruise and hospitality industry jobs from around the Internet.

Build your Personal Profile (Resume) in the Job Center:

  • Posting a personal profile or resume in the JobCenter allows employers to have direct access to your personal information and credentials. The personal profile asks more than resume credentials, it allows you to highlight your personality, work ethic and other aspects about yourself that show employers why you make a good candidate. If you need help creating a cover letter or resume please read our Job Tools section, which provides valuable information on these topics. Employer’s who are actively recruiting will search through the personal profiles as a method of finding personnel. Please note that when your Premium Membership to CruiseJobFinder becomes inactive your personal profile will be “suspended” and employers will not longer be able to view your profile to offer you a job . At a later date, if you decide to re-activate your membership, your personal profile will once again be added to the JobCenter where employers can once again view it when they are looking for people to fill open positions.
  • Submit your information in the spaces provided. When you have finished click on ‘update information.’ You may edit your information whenever you feel necessary.

Interviews with Experts

The best advice about getting a job often comes from those who are doing the hiring. We highly recommend that you read our interviews with industry insiders, including hiring managers, and current and former employees.

These extensive Q&A interviews cover a wide variety of topics ranging from interviewing and common misconceptions to networking, how to apply, and much more.

New interviews are added for CruiseJobFinder members all the time. (Check Back Often)

Over 97% of the jobs in the industries covered by CruiseJobFinder are never advertised. This doesn’t mean that they are not available, it just means that they do not advertise them to the general public. That is why our detailed employer listings are so useful. An effective way of getting a job in these industries is to apply directly to the companies offering these jobs. In each employer profile we provide you details on the best way to apply for each type of job. We break these employer profiles down into the following sections:

  • Cruise Lines
  • Resorts
  • Tour Guides (including tour guide, land tour, and adventure travel employers)
  • Yacht Crewing
  • Cruise Concessionaires
  • Cruise Line Staffing Agents

So remember, there are ways to find job openings, and you should utilize both:

  • Search Featured Jobs in our JobCenter. We add new job listings to this section every day, so we highly recommend that you visit this section at least once per week. Here’s a tip, too: Set up Job Alerts. Using keywords and location preferences you can use Job Alerts to have jobs sent to you via email.
  • Search More Cruise Jobs to find out about more cruise and hospitality industry jobs posted around the Internet.

For those of you who are thinking about entering the travel industry for the first time, our website includes our Job Hunting Tools section that will help you prepare an effective resume and cover letter, search for additional job openings, and successfully interview with an employer. Be sure to read over this section, as the information contained within may be crucial to your ability to secure employment with some of the employers.

Ever vigilant to provide you with the most accurate job information possible, we update our website on a continual basis. We are always looking for ways to improve this website from our users. If you have any ideas, please send us an email at [email protected].

Once you’ve worked your way through our website, you will know about the jobs, whom to contact, and how to apply. The next step is up to you; put these expertly prepared tools to work, and you too can find a job in paradise.

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