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Fun cruise crew photoIf you’re looking for work that will allow you to travel the world and earn a living at the same time, congratulations! You’ve just taken your first step toward fulfilling that goal.

This website is designed with the adventurer in mind – someone who is willing to take charge of his or her destiny and go after rewarding jobs many others only dream about. People already working in this industry find themselves working and/or traveling to destinations like Hawaii, the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska, the Amazon, South America, and many places in between.

Jobs aboard cruise ships, luxury private yachts, at beach resorts, or with touring companies offer unique benefits not found in other industries. It’s more than just travel opportunities – it’s a chance to meet people from all over the world, experience new ideas and cultures, and become an expert in an exciting, growing field.

Through our website, we can help you decide which travel field – cruise ship, private yacht, tour guide, or beach resorts – is best for you.

Thousands of hours of interviews, in-depth research, and constant industry monitoring help make this the most comprehensive source of travel employment information available anywhere. We know where the jobs are and how to help you find them.

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No matter what your current situation is, chances are we can help. This website provides current, accurate, useful information for all types of job seekers:

  • New graduates and those changing careers will find this website provides a solid overview of the industry to help them determine which jobs most interest them. The website contains firsthand descriptions of the travel industry, its rewards, and challenges, as well as plenty of information about pay and other aspects of cruise and travel jobs. All of this information should help newcomers looking for a job make informed decisions about which career path they take.
  • College students or those looking for temporary work will benefit from this website’s coverage of seasonal and summer opportunities as well as career possibilities after graduation. Job listings contain information about many companies’ peak hiring practices, and each section contains special information for the college student looking to work
    for the summer or take a semester off and enjoy some work and travel.
  • Travel professionals looking for a change in their career or to move up the ladder will find information here on alternative travel industries, as well as new directions in the travel world. The extensive employer listings should give travel professionals new contact information as well as advice on segments of the industry in which they have little or no experience. By using this website, those who are considering changing jobs within the travel industry can easily preview new areas.

And here is something else to consider. All of the travel fields covered by this website offer unique and exciting job possibilities, so even if you’re initially interested in cruise line jobs, make sure to check out the beach resort, private yacht crewing, and tour guide listings. Many of the positions in these areas, particularly in the tour guide industry, offer better pay, more travel opportunities, and more job openings than do cruise lines. Do yourself a favor and read about all of the travel jobs available. Why needlessly limit your options?

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The travel industry expands each year and companies continue to add new cruise ships, beach resorts and touring vehicles. And there’s no shortage of luxury yacht owners searching for crew. In the next three years alone, eighteen new cruise ships are scheduled to launch, adding over 42,000 new passenger berths and over 30,000 new cruise line jobs! This should translate into lots of openings for everything from cruise directors and entertainers to waitstaff and deckhands.

As incredible as that sounds, the cruise industry is still a tight employment market. Because of the glamorous reputation and many obvious rewards, competition for travel jobs can be competitive. Yet, your chances are good if you follow the advice we offer. Our website is the most objective information available on these industries, and it’s already helped many job seekers like yourself find exciting jobs with top cruise and travel companies.

It’s easy to find the information you need. Use the tabbed navigation at the top of the website or in the navigation menus on the left side of CruiseJobFinder. You can easily get to these primary areas of the website using the menus:

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CruiseJobFinder offers many different ways to search for jobs in these industries:

  • Cruise Lines,
  • Beach Resorts,
  • Tour Operators (including adventure travel), and
  • Private Yachts.

No matter where you are in the Members Section, you will find links to the JobCenter in the top menu and in the right menu, too. Our JobCenter contains jobs from all of the industries we profile and makes it easy to apply. Be sure to read the “How To Use CruiseJobFinder” page because it fully explains all the JobCenter features.

Additionally, take advantage of our customized, members only Cruise and Hospitality Job Listings, which is updated daily.

Each category details industry information, and job descriptions, including typical job duties and skills/qualifications required. For those who need help with job hunting tools we have a wonderful resource titled Job Hunting that gives advice on resumes, cover letters, interviews and other pertinent information.

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