Food & Beverage, Hotel Administration, Purser, & Housekeeping

The cruise ship staff that operates the passenger section comes under what is called the Hotel Department. The other two sections of the ship’s crew are under either the Deck or Engineering Departments. There are four main subdivisions which make up the Hotel Department, and these are the Hotel Administration, Food & Beverage, the Purser, and the Housekeeping sections.

The Hotel Administration directs the Hotel Section, and it comes under the control of the Hotel Manager, who is also called the Chief Purser. The staff is largely responsible to ensure the happiness and comfort of the passengers. Having experience in customer service, good English, and a foreign language or two will help get a job in this department.

In Focus: Maitre’ D (Hotel Department)

The Purser Department is primarily the accounting section of the ship. They do the daily paperwork – such as creating daily newsletters, mail, control safety deposit boxes, the safe, passenger’s bills, and more. They also pay the crew staff and assign their quarters.

The Food & Beverage Department handles all of the tasks related to providing great meals for the passengers in its many restaurants and bars. It includes the ordering, storing, preparing and serving of all kinds of great meals and drinks on the ship.

In Focus: Beverage Server

The Housekeeping Department keeps the ship looking great. They make sure that the passengers have a clean and sparkling cabin, and lots of clean linen and towels. They also handle the laundry, which is an ongoing chore, and includes the washing of the crew uniforms.

In Focus: Housekeeping Department Overview

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