Art Auctioneer

Other staff members may include: Associate Art Auctioneer

Cruise ships often have several positions for art auctioneers. Various art companies make their art available to cruise lines, and art auctions are frequently a part of the cruise experience. This would include a Gallery Director, a Principal Auctioneer, and an Associate Art Auctioneer, who performs much of the actual auctioneering. The Associate Art Auctioneer position can lead to the Principal Auctioneer rank for successful individuals.

Associate Art Auctioneers are expected to help the Principal Auctioneer do everything needed to promote the sale of art on board the ship. This includes:

  • Setting up the displays.
  • Storing the various art pieces.
  • Be friendly and talk art with passengers.
  • Encourage passengers to attend the Art Auction.

When qualifying for this position, you will need knowledge of art and to have some auctioneering skills. You will also be required to, and may need some sales experience. Public speaking skills are a must.

In Focus: Cruise Ship Art Auctions

Some cruise lines have up to three levels of Associate Art Auctioneers. Training is provided for the position, and the Associate position is an extension of the training. Couples may be employed in the position. A base pay is usually offered, and a percentage of the sales. Contracts are usually given for four to six weeks and many are renewed if successful.

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