Chief Pursers

May also be called: Hotel Manager, Financial Controller, Deputy Purser, Hotel Controller

The Chief Purser is responsible for managing the financial and administrative affairs on a cruise ship, including the availability of cash. They watch out for the interests of the cruise line, and also handle the Immigration and Custom clearance documentation necessary for port operation.

The Financial Controller has a wide range of responsibility which is sure to keep them busy. They have control of all financial operations on the ship, including that of the crew purser and the casino, and will perform internal auditing as required. They maintain contact with the ship’s home offices, supervise front desk operation, guest services, passenger embarkation and debarkation – including medical, and more.

A Chief Purser needs to be fluent in English and possibly other languages, have good communications skills, and have at least five years of experience in a cruise ship management position. Also needs to have a college degree, experience in financial accounting, and may need to be familiar with special software programs for ships.

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Purser Staff