Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Aerobics Instructor, & Fitness Trainer Jobs

People on a cruise often like to use the services of a gym or take classes from a fitness instructor. One reason may be because of more free time while on the cruise, but there is a greater demand for fitness trainers on cruises today. Trainers need to have some experience in teaching fitness, too, in order to be qualified.

Fitness trainers are responsible to supervise the gym, take on a variety of classes, and provide personal fitness training to individual clients, too. They should also be familiar with music exercise programs, water aerobics, core training, and have knowledge of nutrition. Knowing other popular fitness programs is even better, especially if you know tai chi, yoga, or Pilates.

In Focus: How to have a Successful Personal Training Career Traveling the World on a Cruise Ship

A fitness instructor will need to be certified. Private salon companies often run the salon and spa on a cruise ship – and they also do the hiring. You will need to speak excellent English, be friendly, and have some sales skills. Salons often expect you to sign up your own passengers for fitness training and program attendance.

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