Safety Officers

It is the job of the Safety Officer to ensure that everything on board the cruise ship is according to the proper safety standards. This includes devices and equipment for emergencies, as well as making sure that crew and passengers are properly informed of the necessary procedures.

The Safety Officer is responsible to ensure that all fire-fighting equipment and life-saving equipment is properly maintained. They also:

  • Maintain log books describing all maintenance of safety equipment.
  • Record all certificates related to safety and fire-fighting.
  • Train the fire-fighting crew personally.
  • Conduct safety drills – including fire and abandon ship.
  • Assist the Staff Captain during inspections.
  • Work with Staff Officer and Hotel Director to resolve issues.

The qualifications for the Safety Officer position are that they must have either a Captain or Master certificate. They also need to have experience on cruise vessels for the position. Excellent English is expected – spoken and written.

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