The Captain is also called: Master or Shipmaster

The Captain of a cruise ship is responsible for everything that takes place on it. They are the highest officer on board and all others answer to the Captain, who makes all final decisions. They direct all activities on the ship through direct or indirect leadership.

It is the responsibility of the ship’s Master to know all maritime laws relating to relating to the open sea and to traveling in foreign waters. They also:

  • Manage all personnel.
  • Ensure the safe loading and unloading of cargo
  • Control the inventory
  • Provides security where needed
  • May hire and fire.
  • Responds to possible threats from terrorists or pirates.
  • Makes sure all immigration issues are properly resolved.

In Focus: Meet the Captain (Princess Cruises)

In order to qualify for the Captain’s position, it will be necessary to have been working on a ship for a minimum of five years. It will be necessary to go through the ranks, and it is required that you hold that position for at least 365 days. Courses will also be necessary, along with passing a number of exams, leading to a Captain’s license. They also need to have excellent ability in English and communication, management, problem-solving, and familiarity with ship’s computer equipment.

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