This position is also called: Quartermaster or Boatswain

The cruise ship’s Bosun is responsible to oversee the various deckhands. They ensure that the deckhands are doing their work properly, up to speed, and effectively. They are also responsible to assign the daily work and to make sure it is completed on schedule.

The position of Bosun is like that of a foreman on the ship. Some of their tasks include:

  • Being a watchman (requiring O.O.W. certification) or a guard.
  • Taking care of and operating the ship’s tenders
  • Maintaining the external appearance of the ship, the mooring stations and anchors.
  • Help maintain safety standards on the ship.
  • Conducts emergency drills and actual emergencies.

The requirements of the Bosun position are that you will need to have deckhand experience of a minimum of one year, and maintenance knowledge of the equipment used. May need to take courses for various pieces of equipment and possess a Captain’s license for tenders. Also need excellent spoken and written English, math, and management skills. They will also need to have fire-fighting skills, first aid knowledge and survival at sea training.

Compensation: $1,500 – $1,800 a month

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