Deckhands & Engineers

The actual functions of a cruise ship are performed by the Deckhands & Engineers – they are the ones that do much of the work. The deckhands work primarily around the ship and on the deck, and the engineers focus on the engine room of the ship.

Deckhands are the general handymen of the ship. They perform all work that is largely non-technical in nature. This includes painting, cleaning floors, carpentry, varnishing, securing ship at dock, and anything else that is needed.

Engineers are in the Engine Department and it is their job to make sure the engines are working efficiently – and just about any other machinery or mechanical systems on the ship. They also work on the power generation systems, the heating and cooling systems, refrigeration systems, electrical systems, elevators, and more. Besides this, they may also help with meal preparation.

Deckhand positions are often entry level with few requirements, but special talents, such as carpentry, may be required – depending on the expertise needed. Engineers, however, need to have a qualifying education and experience. Assistant Engineers are an entry-level position.

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Engineering Department Jobs