Chief Officers

The Chief Officer is in charge of ensuring that there is a quality standard kept onboard in terms of maintaining the regulations and safety standards, and also to maintain the outward appearance of the hull, the superstructure and the rigging. They also must make sure that crew members are well aware of those laws and policies as well.

It is the job of the First Officer to ensure that the crew is well trained in the use of all life-saving equipment, including the lifeboats, the life rafts, and other related equipment. The Chief Officer also:

  • Ensures the sea-worthiness of the ship.
  • Maintains and checks the balance (Trim and List).
  • Keeps ship ready for inspection at any time.
  • Keeps records of all activities.
  • Manages the crew teams.
  • Helps the Safety Officer to increase safety performance.
  • Ensures continuity of Bridge operations.
  • Monitors the Bosun and crew for proper maintenance and cleaning.

Requirements for the Chief Officer position are that you have the appropriate licenses and certifications. Experience will also be needed, and so will time in lower ranks. You must also have good English, understand all safety regulations, and have good communication skills.

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First Officer Jobs