Onboard Laundry

Other members of the staff include: Laundry Supervisor, Assistant Laundry Supervisor, / Laundry Man, Linen Keeper

Part of the cruise ship’s image and appeal is constantly maintaining a clean appearance. This makes them look professional and on top of things. The Laundry Staff keeps the linens and uniforms of the ship’s crew looking clean, fresh, and sharp. They provide a behind-the-scenes service that no cruise ship could do without and they are a definite part of creating the good image that the ship needs.

The Laundry department on the ship provides services for the passengers, the officers, and the crew. They collect items for laundering from various parts of the ship, then launder them, and provide dry cleaning for the staff. They are also responsible for the equipment and supplies used.

Working in the laundry department as Laundry Staff is an entry level job. No experience or educational level is required, but you must be willing to be trained. There is a possibility to be promoted to Assistant Laundry Supervisor.

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