Zest Recruitment Interview

CruiseJobFinder interviewed a representative of Zest Recruitment, which is an official hiring partner for several major cruise lines. This is Part I of II.

Please describe what your company does for cruise lines? What is your role in the staffing process?

Zest Recruitment sources manpower for its clients. Our role varies greatly across the different Cruise lines and in addition to locating suitable talent we also screen the potential candidates to a point where some cruise lines will employ them, or at least to a level where they will be interviewed by a Cruise line representative to make a hiring decision.

In addition to screening and interviewing, a large part of the Zest Recruitment role is informing potential Cruise Line employees of the realities of shipboard life. This includes ensuring that they understand the challenges they will face once they take up a shipboard assignment as well as the hours they will be expected to work. We also discuss salary, living arrangements, uniform and grooming requirements, safety, shipboard structure and a whole host of other extremely important and detailed information. There is a lot for new cruise line employees to learn before they even get to their assigned vessel.

Once hired, a new employee will have to undertake a medical, obtain a criminal background check; get the correct visas and inoculations as well as the flights that are required to join their assigned vessel in the correct port and country. Zest Recruitment will assist the new employees to obtain the correct paperwork so that this process goes as smoothly as possible. In spite of this, from time to time, there are challenges with the movement of employees which can be caused by flight delays, volcanic disruptions, and unforeseen medical issues to name just a few.

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