Life as a Show Dancer on Cruise Ships

This is Part II of our interview with Liz Webb, a Canadian dancer who has worked for several cruise lines. See Part I here.

Interviewing Advice

What was the interview process like for this position?

The interview process was in the form of a live audition in a large group. We were all taught a routine that we had to learn quickly and then dance in front of the theater director and choreographer from the cruise line. The audition process lasted about 10 hours.

In Focus: Disney Auditions Overview

What kinds of answers do you think the interviewers are looking to hear from a successful candidate?

They are looking for excellent dance technique. You must show that you are ready to perform in a group, doing different kinds of dances and that you can handle stress. You will need to stand out from a large group of dancers, and in my audition they selected only 10 dancers from the group of 300.

What tips can you give to other job seekers for passing this interview?

Just be the best dancer you can be. Get some extra practice in before your audition and rest well the day before, so that you are in top condition for the day.

Why do you think you were hired? What qualities did the hiring manager(s) see in you?

I think that all my years of dancing and learning different disciplines was apparent to them. I was confident and have always been able to pick up new choreography easily.

Getting Hired

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