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Marce Ortiz worked as a ship’s photo printer for a large cruise line, which sailed from Cape Canaveral, Florida, to destinations in the Bahamas. Getting a job on a cruise line sounded like a great change of pace to Marce, and after using CruiseJobFinder’s resources he applied to several cruise companies for a job as a photographer. According to Marce, getting a job was a lot easier than he expected:

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I sent out a bunch of resumes and expected to wait for a month or so, but within a week several cruise lines called me and set up interviews over the phone, which was great because the companies were in Miami and I live in California. After my interview they asked if I could start in a week, and a week later they flew me to Cape Canaveral to start work.

Of course, getting hired isn’t this easy for everyone, and Marce says he had several things going for him when he applied:

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