Summer Jobs with Cruise Lines

If you're still in college and only looking for a summer or seasonal job rather than a full-time career, then have no fear! The cruise industry does have a seasonal component. There are many types of seasonal jobs, for a variety of cruises. For example, in Alaska cruise ships only visit in the warmer months, so there is a need for summer employees to supplement full-time staff members. All over the world there are seasonal vacation spots, similar to Alaska.

You could work as a server in a restaurant, or as a cook, housekeeper, child care giver, or in land-based support positions. From the large luxury cruises to the more intimate yacht cruises and everything in between, you'll find plenty of summer or seasonal positions.

Many of the summer/seasonal jobs are offered by harbor cruise lines and river cruises. These cruise operators are busiest during the summer or during specific seasons/times of the year.alaska cruise ship photo Usually that's because most of their passengers travel during the summers or holidays. Harbor cruises may be one-day trips or they may last a few days. Each cruise still requires a number of people to prepare and serve food and attend guests during the trip including leading activities, helping in retail stores, and other customer service roles. And again - don't forget that companies also hire a large number of land-based staff during their peak seasons.

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Combine Good Pay with Travel: Summer Perks

There are many advantages to getting a summer job. Here are a few of the top reasons to consider seasonal work:

  • The ability to travel.
  • The potential to earn great money, and with some jobs, tips as well.
  • The experience can lead to other jobs in the hospitality industry.
  • You may be able to get the same summer job over the course of the next few summers.
  • Working on a cruise ship is hard work, but also fun.
  • You can meet people from all over the world.

CruiseJobFinder Can Assist Your Summer Job Search

So where do you find and apply to summer/seasonal jobs? When should you apply? When you become a member of CruiseJobFinder you'll find answers to these and other important questions about summer cruise jobs.shipboard staff photo

In addition, CruiseJobFinder's JobCenter has profiles of all the top seasonal cruise operators and the latest job postings, which can save you valuable time and allow you to be among the first to apply to open positions. If you like the idea of working for a cruise line, but not onboard a ship, you can find seasonal land-based jobs as well. Examples include ticket sales agents, baggage handlers, airport shuttle drivers, tour guides, and phone representatives.

Often the cruise lines also operate other tourist businesses located along their cruise line's itinerary or in the home port, and just like their ships, these companies also need seasonal workers to help them get through the peak tourist seasons. Becoming a member of CruiseJobFinder is a great first step in your summer job search.


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