Cruise Line Internships & Apprenticeships

If you're considering a long-term career in hospitality or cruise line industry and you're still working to get your degree, then you should consider applying for an internship with a cruise line. Recent changes to federal laws now require employers to pay interns, in most cases. So not only will you receive valuable work experience, but in most cases you will also receive pay. Interns work in a variety of jobs under the supervision of experienced managers and officers onboard the cruise line, or in their corporate office.

In addition to paid internships, there are also apprenticeships available for students who are attending college at maritime (nautical) universities and academies. These jobs are for potential officer candidates who have some education in ship operations.

They are a great way to find out whether working on a cruise ship is the right career for you while you get paid and gain valuable experience - not to mention the added benefit of traveling to beautiful locations around the ship sydney australia photo

Who Should Apply for an Apprenticeship or Internship?

These jobs are not for everyone. First, you should be attending college or graduate school at a nautical university or majoring in hospitality. Cruise lines want to make sure that the interns and/or apprentices they hire are truly interested in long-term future employment. If you are not currently in one of these programs, then you should wait until you are before applying. In addition you should:

  • Be working toward a bachelor's degree or graduate degree;
  • Have a genuine interest in working for a cruise line as a long-term career;
  • Be willing to take a learner's role and let others provide constructive feedback;
  • Be willing to do any and/or all tasks associated with the position;
  • Be willing to work a lot of hours over the course of the summer;
  • Have a positive attitude and have fun.

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