Cruise Ship Chef & Cooking Careers

If you have a passion for cooking the most delicious meals, and for travel and adventure, perhaps applying for cruise ship chef jobs is exactly what you need. Perhaps you are looking for a fresh start, or perhaps you need to gain some experience. When you are deciding to hop aboard a cruise ship as an executive chef, sous chef, galley chef, food and beverage manager, or as part of the kitchen staff, you will be glad to know that there are so many positions open and hundreds of cruise liners to apply to for cruise ship employment.

Overview of Cruise Ship Chef Jobs

As a chef working in any restaurant or hotel you have to master the art of preparing menus, preparing the meals, organizing the ingredients and stock, and cooking the meals. Everything that you would normally do in a top restaurant or hotel, you will also do on a cruise liner, whether you work inside the cruise ship restaurants, or in the galley cooking for the crew members. You can apply easily and find many interesting cruise liners to choose from when you become a member!

There are a large number of chefs and positions that will be needed on a cruise liner. The main ones are:

  • Cruise ship executive chef
  • Cruise ship sous chef
  • Cruise ship pastry chef
  • Cruise ship kitchen staff
  • Cruise ship food and beverage manager
  • Cruise ship galley chef
  • Cruise ship baker
  • Cruise ship chef de partie

For most of these chef jobs you will need to have a degree or qualification from a cooking school, usually with a few years of experience working in a restaurant or hotel of high standards. If you want to learn more about the kitchen and being a chef, but you have no qualifications or experience, you can apply for a cruise ship kitchen staff position. Here, you will wash and clean dishes, keep the kitchen hygienic, keep the chef's stations cleaned and stocked before shifts, help with the food preparation including the cutting and peeling.

Tips for Traveling and Working as a Cruise Ship Chef

Working away from home for lengthy periods of time can be tough, but as a cruise ship chef you will be pretty busy in the galley or restaurants on board for all the meals of the day. You will work in shifts and usually get a day off per week which you can spend on land excursions at whichever ports are on the cruise liner itinerary, or you can enjoy the many facilities on board the cruise ship. Learn more about working on a cruise ship and travelling all over the world when you join as a member.

Details of Cruise Liner Chef Jobs

Cruise Ship Executive Chef: The executive chef on a cruise liner is responsible for the administration aspects and cooking of all the meals. The executive chef is the person in charge of the kitchen and all the other chefs and kitchen staff.

Cruise Ship Sous Chef: The sous chef is the second in command of the kitchen and will work closely with the executive chef. The sous chef will make sure that all the food going out to the guests is of the best standard, and also prepare food as delegated by the executive chef.

Cruise Ship Chef de Partie: The chef de partie is in charge of preparing the gourmet cuisine and sauces. This is a specialty position and requires creativity and expert knowledge on international cuisine.

Cruise Ship Baker: The baker supervisor must make all of the bread and other baked goods that are required by the restaurants, galley, and shops for the duration of the journey. The baker will also need to keep an accurate record of all the ingredients and stock needed and used.

Cruise Ship Food and Beverage Manager: This position is one of the most important on the ship. The food and beverage manager is responsible for all of the areas that deal with food and beverage, and will manage the stocks, budgets, standards, health and hygiene and more.

Cruise Ship Pastry Chef: The pastry chef is responsible for preparing and making all of the pastries and desserts on board the ship for the guests and crew, as well as for the various gift shops.

You can learn much more when you become a member and find tons of jobs on our job board. You can choose the specific cruise liners that you want to travel on, specific destinations you want to travel to and the type of chef jobs that most interest you. Join today to access the best cruise liner chef jobs!


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