Career Opportunities in the Cruise Industry

If you long to feel the cool ocean breeze and excitement of traveling to exotic destinations all over the world, while still making a living, then the world aboard a cruise liner will be perfect for you. In every port, in every country, there are cruise ships that are constantly looking for eager individuals to hop on board and join the team in one of the many cruise employment opportunities offered. Whether you want to enjoy the carefree life at sea a part of the hotel staff or an instructor, or whether you are looking to further you career as a gourmet chef, entertainer, cruise ship employment will be your best bet. The pay is great, the experience is one of a kind, and, you get to travel for months at a time. If you are interested in making a permanent career from working at sea as a sea captain, mate, able seaman, deckhand, oiler, wiper, electrician, or engineer, cruise liner employment will offer you a more glamorous option than working on an oil rig or container ship.

Dialing in your cruise career options is easy once you become a member, as you will have instant access to hundreds of real cruise ship jobs that you can apply for liner photo You will be able to access all types of shipboard job postings, or shore-based cruise jobs, and locate the best cruise line companies to work for. One of the top cruise liner companies on our member's only database is offering cruise ship employment for their 13 day cruise departing from Los Angeles, visiting Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, then cruising the Pacific Ocean for the next 5 days, reaching Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas Islands, then cruising the South Pacific, reaching Rangiroa in French Polynesia, Moorea, and then overnight in Tahiti.

Types of Cruises

To work on a cruise liner, you will firstly need to understand the various types of cruises and cruise liner employment that is on offer. Most countries in the world offer ocean liner cruises, but you can also find companies that offer exciting river cruises for example. Some cruises journey mainly in Europe, and The Americas, while some aim for the exotic islands of the Caribbean. The best thing to do when you become a member is to decide where you would like to work and find companies offering cruise ship jobs in that specific area. You can also find cruise liner employment even if you want to be land based. There are tons of jobs at the ports where many of the large cruise liners have private lodges and recreation centers for their guests during land excursion part of the cruise.

Cruise Ship Career Paths

With most cruise liners being like mini cities (some ships can hold 2,000 guests or more), with staff reaching over 3,000, you can just imagine the multitude of jobs that await. There are certain sections on board a cruise ship where you can find the job that is most appropriate to you and your relevant skills or qualifications:

  • Restaurants (chef jobs, kitchen staff, waiters, barman, manager, etc.)
  • Hotel Facilities (cabin crew, housekeeping, reception, manager, butlers etc.)
  • Leisure Center (instructors, lifeguards, activity leaders, etc.)
  • Gym (personal trainers, workers, etc.)
  • Salon and Spa Jobs (massage therapist, hair stylist, etc.)
  • Land Excursion Team (tour guide, seaman, recreation staff, etc.)
  • Merchant Marine Jobs(captain, mates, able seaman, deckhands, etc.)
  • Engine Department (chief, DDE, assistant engineer, oiler, wiper, etc.)
  • Shops (cashiers, managers, bookkeepers, etc.)
  • Casinos (dealers, security, hospitality, etc.)
  • Entertainment (production manager, director, actors, comedians, dancers, lighting, sound engineer, backstage crew, etc.)

In each of these areas you can find tons of cruise liner jobs that will appeal to you. Certain positions require some form of qualification whether it is in the hospitality industry, retail sector, medical wing, or maritime, but some of the entry level positions are open for those that have no qualifications as yet, like students or high school graduates looking for a bit of adventure while they make some money. Some jobs on cruise ships will require you to have some experience in a related field.

Here is a current listing in the job center:

Assistant or Junior Waiter/ess

Job Description: To maintain and provide a high quality service and customer care for all guests on board in the food service section. You will be required to hold a position of responsibility within the emergency plan of the ship.

Job Requirements: You need to have at least 2 years of experience in a top hotel or restaurant environment, you need a diploma or recognized equivalent, you must have an excellent command of the English language both verbal and written, and you need to be pleasant, positive, and outgoing, along with a desire to succeed.

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Tons more jobs just like this one will be available for you to see and to apply for once you become a member.

There are of course the medium river cruise liners that you can find jobs at if you want to enjoy working at sea in a more compact capacity. Many of the river or barge cruise vessels operate in parts of Europe, China, and Russia. These vessels usually hold between 250 and 900 passengers, and require many staff.

There are also yacht cruises where no more than 100 guests are booked, so your duties as part of the staff will increase, but you will gain more experience and enjoy a more eco-friendly, naturalistic cruise.

On CruiseJobFinder, you can find profiles for just about every cruise ship in the world, and then select the type of job that interests you and the location you want to travel to find the perfect cruise liner employment for you.


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