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2022 and 2023 look to be an outstanding years to find jobs on cruise ships!

Due to the pandemic, cruise line passenger volume and cruise ship employment significantly decreased in 2020 and 2021. But now, as cruise ships are getting close to pre-pandemic passenger volume, there has been an enormous hiring boom in the industry.

The cruise industry is also continuing to expand. There are 35 ocean and river cruise ships under construction or on order for deliveries over the next three years (2022 - 2024). Twenty-six of these are large cruise ships carrying over 1,000 passengers each. Eleven are mega cruise ships, which each carry over 4,000 passengers. This is in addition to more than 186 cruise ships major cruise line companies have introduced since 2000. As this boom continues, 2022 - 2024 will be outstanding years for new cruise ships. This is excellent news for those looking for cruise ship employment and other cruise line employment. Each of these new ocean cruise ships provides an average of over 1,100 new jobs needed to staff the cruise ship and an additional 500+ jobs to provide the support services.

The cruise industry is absolutely booming and provides working vacations for thousands of people worldwide. CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association, Inc.) is projecting that cruise line passenger volume is expected to recover and surpass 2019 levels by the end of 2023, with passenger volumes projected to recover 12 percent above pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2026.Small Cruise Ship photo

What does all this mean to you? That's simple; there has never been a better time to be looking for work in the cruise line industry. Whether you are looking to work on a cruise ship for a short-term job change or a long term career, the cruise industry has a place for you.

The average ratio between crew to guests is about one to two, meaning it takes about 1,000 crew members to man a cruise ship that carries 2,000 guests. In addition, even without the pandemic, turnover on the cruise ships is generally pretty high, so cruise lines need to fill an awful lot of positions every year and thus they are ALWAYS HIRING!

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Turnover is high because people get promoted, change ships, change cruise line companies, go on vacation, return to school, or just take their savings and settle down back on land. The average initial contract generally ranges from three to nine months. With all of your living expenses, medical insurance covered by the cruise line, a high percentage of your earnings can be banked, thus giving you a nice little nest egg after each contract.

Cruise line employees also usually get excellent perks and benefits. These benefits often include:

  • Free room on the cruise ship. Usually either a single stateroom or a shared stateroom with another employee.
  • Free meals
  • Air travel en-route and homeward bound
  • Free laundry
  • Free medical insurance (which is required by maritime law)
  • Discounts at ship board and often land based stores, bars and restaurants
  • Reduced cruise rates for family and friends

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