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AIDA Cruises is dedicated to attracting and serving the needs of the German cruise customer market. With approximately 800,000 Germans booking cruises every year, German tourists are said to be the largest market for cruise operators in Europe. The company was founded in the 1960s, and is a brand of Carnival PLC.

Guests on an AIDA cruise ship will notice the youthful atmosphere on board. This company offers a more casual service than what is offered by other cruise lines. It's not out of line to picture the ships as a floating resort that will appeal to young, active guests.

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AIDA Fleet

The AIDA Cruises fleet of ships includes the following vessels:

  1. AIDAcara
  2. AIDAvita
  3. AIDAaura
  4. AIDAdiva
  5. AIDAbella
  6. AIDAluna
  7. AIDAblu
  8. AIDAsol
  9. AIDAmar
  10. Stella
  11. AIDAprima
  12. AIDAperla
  13. AIDA Anova

AIDA ships can be recognized easily due to the brightly-colored art that decorates the vessels' hull. Stylized eyes and lips are painted on each ship, and they are meant to remind the viewer of the Egyptian Princess Aida from the opera of the same name.

Life on Board an AIDA Ship

Passengers on board an AIDA ship will notice that announcements made to passengers are made exclusively in German, as opposed to the multiple languages that are common on other passenger ships.

The ships feature a large number of water fountains. Each cabin is equipped with a carafe for water, and guests can get carbonated or still water from taps located in the companionways on board.

The decor on board is bright and youthful, as befits this company's target market. A nightclub and disco is available for guests, and the lounge area is outfitted mainly with stools as opposed to chairs or couches. This design detail is meant to encourage socializing.

Working for AIDA Cruises

AIDA Cruises is a growing company that is continually looking for prospective employees to work in a variety of types of jobs. Example of the types of positions the company recruits for often include:

  • Barkeeper
  • Biking Guide
  • Diving Instructor
  • Engineer
  • Hotel Staff
  • Musical Singers/Singer Dancers
  • Purser
  • Steward
  • And More

Take a look at this video put together by AIDA Cruises' human resources. It's in German, but illustrates one method the company uses to find and hire staff:



The key is to know about jobs when they become available, and to understand the cruise industry before applying.


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