Land Based Cruise Line Positions

Attention Land Lovers!

With more and more cruise ships being built every year, there is a sudden boom in the sea travel industry and plenty of cruise liner employment opportunities exist. This is not only true of the actual ships, but various ports of call all over the world are prepared for the arrival of certain cruise ships. Each cruise liner fleet usually has its own private area at each port where a special resort or activity center has been established, so that guests have a familiar and welcoming place to go when they get to the shore. From here you can go on excursions into the towns and cities, sight see, enjoy the beach activities like diving, parasailing, and more. Most port of call jobs are centered on entertainment, as well as food and beverage service.

Overview of Port Operations Jobs

Whilst there is no need for a housekeeping and hotel department as such at the ports of call, you will get certain locations that offer overnight accommodation on the beach before boarding the cruise liner. You will certainly find plenty of instructor cruise ship jobs at the ports, such as diving, boating, fishing, and much more. There are also lots of children's activities and entertainment so that parents can enjoy a relaxing day on the beach, or take in a sightseeing trip. Many of the onshore cruise jobs will involve working in a food service environment, as there will be cafes and restaurants at some ports of call. Here you could find cruise line employment as chefs, assistants, kitchen staff, waiters, barmen, food and beverage managers, front of house and others. When you choose to work for a specific cruise company as a member of CruiseJobFinder, you can also choose to work port of call jobs for a while, and then transfer to working at sea on the cruise ship. This will allow you to explore the world and get some time to enjoy the attractions of exotic destinations. When you become a member, you will have instant access to a comprehensive database of available cruise ship jobs and you can choose where you want to work, and also choose jobs from certain cruise companies.

Office Jobs at Ports of Call and Corporate Offices

As almost 97% of cruise ship jobs are not advertised, we have an updated database of onshore cruise employment listings, where you can enjoy working on shore at any destination in the perfect position that you love, be it administration, marketing, sales, or accounting. Your office locations will be limited to head quarters and branches, but luckily in this type of travel industry there are cruise liner branches all over the world. There are a large number of on shore jobs available as the cruise industry is constantly growing. Here is a brief overview of some of the available positions you can find on CruiseJobFinder when you become a member:

Accounting: The finances of cruise liner business reach the millions every year, and this needs constant accounting work and auditing. Are you skilled in this department? Find jobs now, when you join!

Administrative or Clerical Workers: There are a lot of entry level admin onshore jobs available such as Administrative Assistant, Data Entry, Customer Service, Office Managers, IT Technicians, Payroll, and Human Resources among others. You must have expert knowledge of various Microsoft programs, and basic office skills. Find out more in our member's area.

Airline Operations: Booking a cruise will require some guests to fly to the ports to board, which is why airline operators are a very necessary part of the cruise ship industry. Do you have experience in booking and reserving airline tickets and dealing with airport staff? Then these onshore jobs are just for you.

Marketing and Public Relations: If you have knack for designing and advertising, and you love the travel business, then working in public relations and marketing a cruise liner might be a great job for you. Find tons of marketing positions to apply for in our JobCenter.

Sales and Reservations: This is one of the most important cruise ship jobs. You will sell people the idea of taking a cruise and book tickets for them. If you have some experience in sales and travel, then find out how to apply, by becoming a member today!

Sample Cruise Line Employment Opportunity at Port of Call

Exploring the world and earning money might sound too good to be true, but if you want to travel and need money, nothing is better than working for a cruise company at various cruise ship ports all over the world. To whet your appetite, here is a sample position at one time listed in our members' job center:

Group Reservations Sales Agent

Minimum Qualification - High School Graduate

Job Description - You will receive an intensive 6 week training program which you are paid for. If you attain a 90 % average or better during this program you will be offered a 40 hour work week mainly answering telephones and taking bookings and reservations that come in from travel agents.  You need to have a pleasant demeanor, energetic telephone manner, and good English communication skills. This position is based in Miami, Florida.


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