Cruise Ship Entertainment Jobs

Becoming an entertainer may be something that you have always wanted, and if you have a talent for singing, dancing, acting, or telling jokes, you can find plenty of places to work. Getting auditions for stage shows can be very difficult, as there are normally tons of people and the competition is tough. This is why getting a cruise ship entertainer job is perfect. Not only will you get excellent experience, but you will be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of exotic destinations all over the world. CruiseJobFinder offers you access to hundreds of jobs on many different cruise liners and you can choose where you want to travel to and which company you want to work for. You can get all this and more when you become a member.

Types of Cruise Liner Entertainment

There are lots of different positions on a cruise liner that you can apply for if you are involved in the entertainment industry, or if you want to get into this type of work. Consider these opportunities:

  • Cruise line dancer
  • Comedian
  • Singer
  • Musician
  • Cruise ship specialty act like a juggler
  • Magician
  • Ship DJ (disk jockey)

Or work in a number of backstage and behind the scenes cruise entertainment jobs. Running the entertainment on cruises is the same as it would be in any theater, so all cruise ships will look for stage managers, production managers, lighting technicians, sound engineers, costume and make up department, stage hands and more.

Cruise ship entertainment can be done on a small scale, and some cruise liners have space on board for a small compact stage or even a stage inside one of the restaurants. Other large cruise liners that provide accommodation for more than 3,000 passengers and crew will have arena style theaters for large dance shows and big productions, as well as small stages for comedians and lounge style singers. DJs and musicians can also be hired for cruise ship weddings, birthdays, New Year's Eve parties or other functions. Cruise ship jobs such as these are readily available, making it the ideal place to start your entertainment career and gain more experience.

What you Need to Become a Cruise Ship Entertainer

Becoming a cruise ship entertainer requires various qualifications and training in the relevant skills that you are applying for, but some of the stage manager, production manager and stage hand positions are entry level and open for those with a love and interest in the entertainment industry. You will obviously need to be a very organized person, and be able to take control of the various acts and cruise ship entertainment that there is. Managing this section of the cruise ship is a big responsibility and you will find out lots more details about how to apply and send in a winning resume to your cruise liner of choice when you join CruiseJobFinder.

When looking for cruise ship entertainment, cruise ship directors and companies look for what appeals the most to the public and what acts will work the best for the type of cruise and guests that are on board. If you enjoy performing for children or doing magic acts, juggling shows, and children's theater, then you should apply for a position on a family or children orientated cruise liner. A cruise ship entertainer will normally perform 2 acts every evening of about 45 minutes for 2 different audiences. The day is spent mostly rehearsing for that evening with the sound and lighting engineers and director, but you still have lot of free time for enjoying the traveling.

Cruise Ship Entertainment Benefits

On board a cruise liner, you must remember that you will be at sea for many weeks or months at a time depending on the itinerary of the ship, but you will get paid very well. Most of the time, you will also get free meals and board, medical cover, airfare to get to the departure point and home again, free housekeeping, and plenty of discounts for the gift shops, spas and other facilities on board. As a cruise ship entertainer, you will also gain experience and exposure while you have a vacation, explore the world, and meet lots of interesting people.

With traveling and meeting lots of people from all over the world, you can really make excellent contacts that can boost your career in the entertainment industry. You will also find yourself working in a very professional, well-equipped theatre rigged with best lighting and sound system. Working at a private function on board might also allow you to make some extra money over and above your cruise ship wages.


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