Types of Jobs on Luxury Mega Yachts

If the thought of sailing to exotic locations onboard a luxurious yacht appeals to you, then you should look into working onboard a luxury yacht. Yachting crew work hard, but they find the work rewarding because they share a few common characteristics: they love yachting, the ocean, and working with people.

If these characteristics describe you, then you need to read more about how to get work on a megayacht.

These yachts can reach more than 80 feet in length, and cost more than $1 million U.S. dollars. Most of the yachts have three or more decks, a pool, Jacuzzi, helicopter pad, and the top of the line accommodations for guests. While crew living quarters can be much smaller, they are usually as comfortable and as welcoming as possible for loyal crew members. Some yachts are commercially owned and you'll work with a new group of passengers on each journey. Other yachts are privately owned, and you may work with the owner and his or her family on a regular basis.

There are many yacht crew jobs, from deckhands and stewards, to engineers and first mates. While you may need to work your way up to some of them, with some jobs you can complete a few months of training (or less), and be ready to apply.

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What Kinds of Yacht Crew Jobs Are There on a Private Yacht?

As you would expect, the number and types of crew onboard a yacht depend on the size of the yacht: the smaller the yacht, the fewer crew members there will be. That usually means that the crew members onboard smaller yachts usually perform more than one role. For example, the excursion tour leader may also double as a deckhand. Generally, there will be the main navigational crew members like:

  • Captain
  • Mate (first, second, and third) Deckhand

You will also be able to apply for jobs on luxury yachts if you work in the engine department as:

  • Chief Engineer
  • Engineer
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Oiler/Wiper

These jobs mentioned above all require a certain maritime qualification and the person hiring you will normally ask you for your experience level.

The other yacht crew jobs will also require some education and/or experience and you will need to find a way to stand out in the crowd if you want to get the job. In these jobs, your primary goal is to meet your clients' needs:

  • Cabin Crew and/or Housekeeping
  • Stewards
  • Massage Therapist
  • Beauty Therapist or Spa Therapist
  • Personal Yoga Instructor
  • Hair Stylist
  • Publicist and or Manager as well as Assistants
  • Gourmet Chef and maybe one or two chef assistants
  • Diving Instructor
  • Nanny
  • Pilot (Some large mega yachts have helipads)

Although the captain and most of the yacht crew are trained in first aid, certain high profile clients will also require the services of a doctor on board. This will normally be their personal doctor, unless he or she is not available.

Benefits of Working on a Privately Owned Yacht

Once you become a member of CruiseJobFinder, you'll find the complete range of jobs available on luxury yachts. You will be shown exactly how to apply, what qualifications and experience you need, and you'll get to choose where you want to work, whether it is in the Caribbean, Europe, or the Australian Coast. Not only will you get to travel all over the world making a living, but you will have the chance to meet some of the most influential and famous people across the globe.

This can be the start of a new career path, giving you the best kind of experience, or it could boost your current career to a whole new level. A luxury yacht is a brilliant place to work if you prefer a more personal interaction with your employers, and if you want to work with a smaller number of people. B The work can be hard, but the benefits of traveling, comfortable, free accommodations, and seeing the most beautiful places in the world make this a desirable profession for many people. What more are you waiting for? Become a member now to access the largest database of yacht crewing jobs, and learn exactly what you need to get the job you are interested in.

Tips for Living and Working on a Privately Owned Yacht

Actually, living and working in close proximity to wealthy, sometimes famous yacht owners can be a bit intimidating for some people. But your future in the industry depends on you always being friendly, professional, and courteous to owners and their guests - whoever they are. You can never go wrong by being professional and treating guests with respect - and that's exactly what passengers expect. When you cruise the ocean on a luxury yacht, you might be away from shore for a few days so you must come prepared with toiletries and essentials, as well as phone cards, passport and papers, and a small wardrobe for days off on land.

When you apply for luxury yacht jobs, you will also need to have a perfect resume, which you will learn how to create when you become a member.

You'll also learn correct yacht etiquette, hygiene and health requirements, safety guidance, and what kinds of marine terms and sea training you need to perform your job well and interact with all crew members effectively.

Your job onboard a privately owned luxury yacht could mean traveling to brilliant places and meeting interesting and important people like the Danish Royal Family, The Sheik of Dubai, and Paul Allen. We have a comprehensive list of small, medium, and large (super) yachts and their owners. You'll also find out where you can find the yachts - and jobs - all year round.


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