Crewing for Yacht Delivery Services

When you're thinking about a job in the yachting industry, don't overlook delivery jobs when conducting your search. There are several reasons yacht owners or management companies look for crew to deliver their yacht. One common reason is that the yacht either has been refitted or is going to be refitted and it needs to be transported to or from the shipyard. Another reason many yacht owners hire delivery crew is that they are planning a special cruise in another country and they need a crew to get the yacht there safely.

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While some owners simply choose to have their yachts shipped to their destination, having an experienced crew onboard delivering the yacht can actually save money. For example, the delivery crewmembers can perform many of the small repair or maintenance tasks that need to be accomplished before the yacht reaches its destinations.

Yacht owners also like having their yachts delivered rather than shipped because it gives them more flexibility in the schedule and route.

Freelance or Delivery Service Company?

When it comes to getting a job delivering yachts, you may have two choices open to you. First, if you're a qualified, trained, and experienced captain, you can look for work independently as a freelance worker. That means that you will have to market yourself, network on the docks and local area, and drum up the work yourself. You may also have to hire a few crewmembers to work with you. If you are well connected in the industry this could be a good alternative for you.

However, for most crewmembers, it's highly likely that you will need to sign on with a delivery service company. These companies specialize in this kind of service. Some delivery companies also offer additional services like training, consulting, or delivering other boats than yachts. Opportunities include:

Since these are one-way trips, you'll receive a per day fee as well as your food, and the client should also supply a plane ticket for you to return to the home dock or city.

Delivering Yachts To Break Into the Industry

According to current delivery service captains, working on a delivery job is a great way to get started in the industry. It gives you the hours at sea and experience you need to get other jobs, and you are able to learn without the added pressures or demands of passengers onboard.delivering new yacht photo It's also very likely that you will learn a lot more than just your position, since delivery crews are usually required to perform a lot of cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.

You'll also get to travel to a great variety of locations, from domestic coastlines to the Caribbean and even Asia and other countries, depending on the owner's requirements and/or the delivery company's service area. Some delivery companies only deliver to the Caribbean or other specific locations.

Delivery captains also say that working these jobs helps you to build connections with others in the industry, which can result in future work. The more networking you do, the more likely you are to find other work.

If you're just starting out and willing to work as a volunteer or lower pay to get the experience and sea hours, then working as part of a delivery crew may be a great choice for you. It can also work well for experienced captains who want to have more flexibility in their schedules or work as independent contractors.

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