Work as an Engineer on a Luxury Yacht

If you enjoy working with engines and repairing other electronic equipment, becoming a yacht engineer may be the right job in the yachting industry for you. The yacht engineer's primary goal is to keep the yacht's engine working efficiently. This means conducting scheduled maintenance and keeping track of its performance on a daily basis. There are other routine tasks the engineer may need to complete, including

  • Training other engineers onboard
  • Supervising other engineers
  • Training other crew members about engine room and wheelhouse safety
  • Repairing and maintaining navigational and other equipment
  • Prepare maintenance schedules for all equipment
  • Track and record fuel usage
  • Ensure that the engine and ship meet pollution control requirements

There are several additional duties that the yacht engineer may be required to perform. In some ships, the engineer will also need to fix any equipment that may malfunction, including the refrigerator and dishwasher or even the hair dryers of the crew. More detailed information about this position is provided when you become a member of CruiseJobFinder.

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Most Important Qualities of Engineers

The yacht engineer must have an extensive knowledge of the engine of the yacht. He or she may also be required to navigate the ship or assist the captain, so he or she needs to have navigational skills as well.engine room photo Since the engineer usually needs to train others, he or she should have good communication and people skills.

The engineer also needs to have adequate working knowledge of electronics and other equipment that is onboard the ship, in addition to safety requirements and pollution regulations at sea.

More About Engineer Jobs

You will not be able to begin your yachting career as an engineer. You must first receive training and get your engineer's license. You may also have to serve as a second or third engineer for a period of time before you can apply for chief engineer onboard a yacht. When you become a member of CruiseJobFinder you'll learn about the training and experience you need to become an engineer, plus much more. Members will also have access to basic salary information, licensing requirements, and interviews with current yachting industry personnel and leaders who give you their insights into this exciting industry. Becoming a member of CruiseJobFinder can help you decide which job in yachting is a fit for your career goals. We also provide you with yachting industry job postings and resume and interviewing tips that can increase your chances of getting a job in the industry.


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